Monday, September 29, 2008

Dow plummets record 777 as financial rescue fails

Its biggest single-day fall ever
By Tim Paradis
AP Business Writer

The failure of the bailout package in Congress literally dropped jaws on Wall Street and triggered a historic selloff — including a terrifying decline of nearly 500 points in mere minutes as the vote took place, the closest thing to panic the stock market has seen in years.

The Dow Jones industrial average lost 777 points Monday, its biggest single-day fall ever, easily beating the 684 points it lost on the first day of trading after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

As uncertainty gripped investors, the credit markets, which provide the day-to-day lending that powers business in the United States, froze up even further.

At the New York Stock Exchange, traders watched with faces tense and mouths agape as TV screens showed the House vote rejecting the Bush administration's $700 billion plan to buy up bad debt and shore up the financial industry.

See: Dow plummets record 777 as financial rescue fails (AP)


Matanah Baht Yisrael said...

This is significant because of our understanding of the number "7".
7 is the number of completion. AND this took place on the Holy Day, Memorial Blowing of the Trumpets! "He that have ears to hear, let them hear"

Abba Gadol and all of Yah's Anointed Leadership have given us the instructions - now it's time for us to "Plan our work, work our plan!"

As Nissek Asiel mentioned at last nights kahg, "I can activate you, but you have to control your actions!"

The time is now.

All Love,
Ahkote Matanah (Chicago)

Anonymous said...

Since our spiritual eyes were opened, we have been taught about the 'fall of Babylon.' But as Abba has taught us, we have to activate this by propelling the upward motion of the friction to ignite the cascade.

America's ( Babylon's) symbol of her geo-economic power was removed in 911. Now is the time prophetically for the actual fall of her economic might and all those in bed with her under the duvet covers of Capitalism (vulgar capitalism) and Liberal Democracy...Britain, most of Europe and the majority of the world as we know it except Cuba!

Let us not forget as the 'bad news' sweeps we have to stay focussed on the real news which is about the 'HIDDEN ONES' no longer hidden and the Good News of the activities and nation-building of the Kingdom of Yah on Earth.

Todah Rabah to Ahtur Keymah for KNN but letus balance the Babylonian News with Kingdom Redemptive Ones. Yah Khai!
London, England

yahsprincess said...

This is making me sick!!
I am sooo sad..and weary..I hate living in Bbaylon!

When will my family Overstand what is going on?
I am the only israelite in my one else seem to hear me when I say that we are Israelites!
Its frustrating being alone at this..this is about to get ugly!

I will walk with YAH!

tifaeny said...

It just cracks me up that every single day is a New Day given, and as I can remember yesterday evil existed in the World
With the Children of the
being witnesses
Just look at the Man in the picture who is stressing hiself over a number, which has to do with a Tree, that cleans the Air?

See that's why the animal kingdom that lives on planet Earth with us humans think we waste to much (TIME) on money
Money ain't going to change
It's just paper, Duh
See this is what we have to
put up with in Babylon?