Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KOY's Regenerative Health Resort Opens in Cape Coast Ghana

Maj. (retd) Quashigah speaks at the inauguration of the “Asasepa' Regenerative Health and Nutrition Programme (RHNP) Centre in Cape Coast
Ghana News Service

The Minister of Health, Major (retd) Courage Quashigah, on Monday stressed the need for Ghanaians to revert to eating time-tested local foods, which contain a lot of nutrients, as well as healthy lifestyles, in order to reverse the current trend of relying on curative rather than preventive health care.

He expressed concern that today “all kinds of horrible food” were being imported into the country, and that many Ghanaians have taken to eating imported rice and over-stored meat products whose nutritional values are suspect and injurious to health, thereby reducing life expectancy.

Maj. (retd) Quashigah expressed these concerns, at the inauguration of the “Asasepa' Regenerative Health and Nutrition Programme (RHNP) Centre/ RHNP Review and Planning Meeting, in Cape Coast, under the theme “ sustaining RHNP in Ghana: the way forward”

.The centre, also known as the Asasepa Regenerative Health Resort Centre, provides a variety of treatments such as detoxification of the body, to “enhance the regeneration of mind, body and soul”, is being operated by the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA), under the auspices of the Ministry of Health as part of its programme to promote regenerative health in the country.

The establishment of the centre was encouraged, following the Minister's visit to Dimona in Israel, in 2005, where there is high life expectancy due to the healthy lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Following his visit and in order to promote regenerative health care in the country, the ministry has since then, sent more than 200 Ghanaians from all walks of life including traditional rulers, actors, musicians and journalists to Dimona, to enable them help in disseminating the importance of regenerative health care to the people.

In a message, read on his behalf, the Anointed Spiritual Leader of the African Hebrew Israelite Community, Ben Ammi Ben Israel, also underscored the importance of preventive health care and said the “Dimona study” was a “return to a clean-based diet and lifestyles that ensure proper functioning of the body”.

He called on “leaders of today' to prepare their people to lead worthy lives, devoid of sicknesses, diseases and pollution, and other negative practices which affect healthy living.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to commend the AHDA through the work of the Afrcan Henrew Israelite Community of Dimona, Israel under H.E. Ben Ammi
Ben Israel and his international outreach team.
HalleluYah to the Ghanain Government for the receptive and engaging response to the programme. The Law comes from Zion and the message of the current Messianic Age is Regenerative Health and preventative application of the messsage.

Well done Ghana Team!!!!!!!!Yah Khai!