Saturday, July 12, 2008

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What is the true spiritual significance of the return of the Sons of Yah?
Breath of Life Lesson #2
Ahtur Keymah

"What is the true spiritual significance of the return of the Sons of Yah? The return of the Children of Israel and the subsequent establishing of the Kingdom of Yah signaled the end of Euro-gentile dominion over Yah’s creation and people.

There will never be a return to the former prosperity of what was called the “good ole days.”

How is it possible for you not to have noticed that the present order is not conducive for the creation of family stability, harmony, mutual trust, love, dedication, good health, and certainly not peace of mind, body, society, neighborhood or home? We must conclude that this world’s order is not ideal for perpetuating these principles, virtues or effects.

A new man with a new mind has been created – one who will not bow to the dictates of the system nor fear the threats of the adversary, but one who farers his Yah and loves his people enough to give his all to save them. It is time now for the righteous scribes who have reborn and redeemed from the pits of hell to declare the good news that the Kingdom of Yah has come."

God The Blackman And Truth – Ben Ammi

Please elaborate on the above quotation. Expand and extract the eternal idea of what is being conveyed here.

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Anonymous said...

Yah Khai!

Shalom family,

Again, I am energised and heartened by this second On-line class. It refreshes the soul, enlivenes the spirit and stimulates the intellect.

Ben Ammi's is stating that the prophetic return of the 'Sons and Daughters of Light' heralds the rise of the Messianic civilization-institutions of Divine intellect of the Yah of Yisrael to dispell the gross darkness blanketing the consciousness of the people through Deceptive ideological teachings.

Deceptive doctrines like, democracy, capitalism, Christianity
dietary falsehoods about meat and protein for hunam consumption, sexuality,sexual identity and practices in which manhood, womanhood, parenthood and childhood
have been given no form and liberal democratic rights have become the modern day god (Baal)

He is appealing to the people to open their spiritual eyes and discern that the outcome and product of these Euro-gentile sytems are detrimental to humankind and African-Edenic people in particular.

Drawing from His more up-to-date thesis, Ressurection: From Judgement to Post-Judgement, he clearly sets out the fact that the comming of the Kingdom of Yah signaled the ' end of the prophetic judgement of the African Edenic people who return to the Laws of Yah and the beginnig of the Juddgement of the Euro-gentile world.'

We will begin to witness the demise of their symbols and institutions of moral, political, social, religious, economic, health and ideological infrastructure. Even the earth and its elements will become activated to deliver Yahwah judgement to the degenerate civilization.

As Ben Ammi teaches, it is the righteous lifestyle of the Sons and Daughters of Light and our elevation into Higher Realms of Spiritual Consciousness that will
ignite the friction to bring down the fall of Babylon, America and her allies as a system and the Kingdom's values and systems will ascend and prevail.

This new man and woman will be 'Holy Bold' in declaring the Good News of the Kingdom to the world as Scribes, orators, cyberspace warriors-by any means available! Songs of Deliverance, the Performing arts, dance, music..
I mean by any means necessary!!!!!


Soferet Baht Yehuda, London, England

He sited the Euro-Gentile world

Anonymous said...



This question was answered before our physical existence, by the 18th century English Phlisopner, Mathematician and Scientist, Sir Issac Newton, 1647-1727 when he wrote: "A body of men will be raised up at Jerusalem who will turn their attention to the prophecies and insist upon their literal interpretation in midst of much clamor and opposition, also, the famed German Jewish Philospher, Oscar Goldberg wrote: The coming of the Black man from America to the Promised Land is the Vanguard of the Messianic Age.

The Sons and Daughters of Yah have inagurated the season of the "TIME OF DELIVERANCE". Our presences on earth is instituting a NEW WORLD ORDER, BLOWING THE TRUMPET OF TRUTH, setting the stage for the greatest spiritual conflict between two opposing forces.

The presence of the Sons and Daughters have/is implementing another mode of intelligence(THE YAH MIND); creating war between the seed of adam and the seed of satan as foretold by Daniel 12:1-3.

The Sons and Daughters of Yah have searched the scriptures, extracting the external idea of the prophets, as written in Genesis 49:10:"The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be".

The Holy Spirit carries what Yah desires"THE MESSAGE OF TRUTH'from dispensation to dispensation, through HIS Anointed and Appointed.
In this Final Dispendation, SHILOH
BEN AMMI HAMASHEAHK has anointed and appoined the Sons and Daughters of Yah to tear satans
kingdom down(this Eurogentile social sytem, established and maintained by the sons and daughters of satan). This evil system vanquished truth; the evil seed of Cain is uncovered, the Sons and Daughters of Yah are vanquishing DECEPTION.

Ben Ammi Hamasheahk and the Sons and Daughters of Yah is constructing a great temple to GLORIFY YAH, A NEW MAN POSSESSING A NEW MIND AND A NEW SPIRIT.

The New Man becomes the temple; his righteous experiences and his works are the glorification of Yah. This is the external temple/
external ideal.

The Sons and Daughters of Yah, through Shiloh, Ben Ammi Hamasheahk is fulfilling prophesy foretold, and written during times of antiquity.

In conclusion, the Sons and Daughters of Yah now know that our History controls our Destiny, and we MUST continue to be true servants of Yah in order for Yah to continue to invest in us, therefore, we PROCLAMATE, Access to the Proper Knowledge: The Prelude to the Power to Change your Thought, Transform Your Environment, and Understand your Purpose...Ben Ammi.


Anonymous said...

Ken Shalom Shalom

It is a divine a divine pleasure to know that today we are once again blessed with the opportunity to share our views on these concepts that Abba Gadol is reviving in our minds.

The return of Sons and Daughters of Yah is a signal of the end of this Wetsern plutocratic, satanic, hellenic, rotten, democratic, secularised, criminal, evil, civilization of sin and liars.

But most importantly on the brighter side of things it represents a new beginning of new regenerative mind and new regenerative institutions that will bring forth a paradise earth. It's the time of the uncompromising dominion of Truth.

It is the time of the great Kingdom of the Yah of Heaven, the Creator of all life wherein all peoples of the earth will live under the simple rulership of Yah Yisrael.

It is the dispensation of Eternity...

Todah rabah once again. May Yah bless and keep all saints that toil, labour and work in Yah's holy name and striving for the manifestation of Righteousness on earth.


Yahav Ben Yisrael