Monday, June 09, 2008

Male birth control pill soon a reality

Implants, patches and creams also on the way
By John Schieszer
MSNBC contributor

SEATTLE, Oct. 1 — - Forty-year-old Scott Hardin says he’s glad that men may soon have a new choice when it comes to birth control. But, he adds, he would not even consider taking a male hormonal contraceptive. Hardin is like many men who are pleased to hear they may have a new option but are wary of taking any type of hormones.

“I would rather rely on a solution that doesn’t involving medicating myself and the problems women have had with hormone therapy doesn’t make me anxious to want to sign on to taking a hormone-type therapy,” says Hardin, who is single and a college administrator.

For the first time, a safe, effective and reversible hormonal male contraceptive appears to be within reach. Several formulations are expected to become commercially available within the near future. Men may soon have the options of a daily pill to be taken orally, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, an injection given every three months or an implant placed under the skin every 12 months, according to Seattle researchers.



yahkeem said...

Surely the Devil has confused and misdirected our People. Growing up iwas told that children were a gift from the creator were literally coming from Heaven. Now i know that technically its not true but when viewed on the spiritual realm it is absolute and True cause how else can you explain child conception.Now we find Adam deceived by the serpernt he thinks he can dictate and Controls Yahs creation without him humbling and paying his alligeance to Yah. it wont be long we are here as witnesses they are going to cry when the evil pill eats their inner organisms. let all Yahs children submit to the replenishment of Yahs earth these are last kicks of a dying horse.

Ahkote Matanah said...

Very well put Ahk Yahkeem!

tifaeny said...

The devil-the devil-the devil
is so not so clever today,
a faulty spirit believes what he
sez today.
Next he will invent the controlling of birth for our
brothers and sisters
the animal kingdom
who has no say.

Anonymous said...

That is gay