Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunshine vitamin may help prevent heart attack

Vitamin D in the body may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
By David Liu, Ph.D.

TUESDAY June 10, 2008 ( -- Taking vitamin D supplements or getting enough exposure to sunlight may help reduce risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack), according to a new study in the June 9 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Studies have showed the rate of cardiovascular disease-related death is higher in regions located at higher latitudes and during the winter time and lower at high altitudes, according to the background information in the study report.

Exposure to sunlight triggers biosynthesis of vitamin D in the body. This means that vitamin D in the body may probably affect the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“This pattern is consistent with an adverse effect of hypovitaminosis D, which is more prevalent at higher latitudes, during the winter and at lower altitudes,” the authors write. Hypovitaminosis D is also known as vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin D, commonly known for its role in bone health, has recently been found to have a strong protective effect against a number of cancers such as breast cancer. Deficiency of this vitamin has been linked to higher risk of autoimmune disease and hypertension.

Sunshine is the major source of vitamin D.


tifaeny said...

Shalom my people!

The Sun which lies in the sky
is also a healer for many human diseases, but unlike Humans
they will easily believe while
living in
Babylon that man-made medicine
is their only way to obtain
Vitamin D.
The Most High has a power known to be to heal even from the sky
who is the Creator of
U and Eye!
A bird ounce passed me by & said
" My, My, My"
When will Humans realize that
the same Creator of Us Birds
that fly in the Sky, is the same
Creator of the Universe we live
in with Air, Trees, the Moon
Earth and the Sea!
You Nincompoops, can't you see!
A Human reply"
Humans don't even know the
Most High has the powers to see
every individual at the same time!
The End.
The Power of Truth can be relayed
through his Sun, his creations
and Human Faith many
gifts from thy
Much Much luv

ariellestar1234 said...

Well that is good to know!1

I take my Vitamin d. daily!!!

I dont go into the sun that much, because of the risk of cancer..

sort of a double whammy eeh?