Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trick or Treat??? Halloween scares up $7 billion in spending

Average adult forks over $65 for second biggest decorating holiday
By Mark Albright
St. Petersburg Times

In a tradition that started centuries ago when the Celts dressed up after the harvest to ward off evil spirits, the rituals that evolved into today’s Halloween have spawned a big industry.

Halloween is forecast to generate more than $7 billion in retail sales, a bit more than last year. While 41 percent of Americans will sit out the entire holiday, according to BIG Research, market trends reveal much about how the rest celebrate.

How much do people spend on Halloween?

The average adult is expected to fork out $64.82, up $20 from 2001. Among those who spend in specific categories: budgets are $21 for candy, $12 for cards and $38.50 for costumes.

See: Halloween scares up $7 billion in spending

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