Wednesday, October 31, 2007

KNN Presents - "Profiles of Courage"

KNN’s Profiles of Courage to highlight the lives and
accomplishments of the Saints in the Kingdom of Yah
by Eitai B.N. Aharone
KNN Senior Editorial Writer

In a continuing effort to enhance our signature and expand the diversity of this emergent publication, the senior editorial staff at KNN has decided to add an exciting new special feature to our e-news format. KNN’s Profiles of Courage will highlight the brilliant lives and outstanding accomplishments of various Saints throughout the Kingdom of Yah. The Profiles of Courage spot will allow our readers intimate access into the radiant lives of committed Saints in Yah’s great Kingdom. Through this exclusive feature KNN will profile a broad cross section of individuals who are poised to positively impact the next phase of our prophetic journey.

The Holy Father has declared that in the next 40 years the Kingdom will advance from invisible to visible. Furthermore, in his Yom Kippur Closing address Abba stated that in this season, the season of the Great Ascension, it is imperative that the elegance of our culture be made clearly evident. Accordingly, it becomes our sacred duty to articulate, record and publicize our own unique stories. It is our prayer that this distinctive format will be instrumental in uplifting our sacred and glorious culture to the world in this season.

Stay tuned!!!!!

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