Thursday, October 11, 2007

Study: 41 million in U.S. can't afford basics

One in five working families has a tough time affording basics like shelter and health care while earning too much to qualify for food stamps or Medicaid, according to a new report
By MarketWatch
MSN Money

About one in five working American families can't afford basic needs, and many scrape to get by on insufficient income and government aid, policy researchers conclude in a report (.pdf file) released today.

Many of these workers earn too much to qualify for "work supports" such as Medicaid and food stamps, while their employer-provided health insurance doesn't cover enough of their basic medical costs, according to the report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research and the Center for Social Policy at the University of Massachusetts.

"We no longer live in a world where having a job means you're automatically able to make ends meet," said Heather Boushey, co-author of the report.

It's a must read - See: 41 million in U.S. can't afford basics

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