Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rampage shakes Cleveland school

Suspended student, 14, opens fire in building, wounding four before killing himself
Chris Maag and Ian Urbina
New York Times

CLEVELAND -- Disgruntled about having been suspended on Monday after a fight, a 14-year-old student shot and injured two students and two teachers at a downtown Cleveland high school on Wednesday before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

None of the victims' injuries were considered life-threatening. The gunman was identified as Asa H. Coon, a freshman at the school, SuccessTech Academy. The police and school officials said that around 1:15 p.m., Coon arrived at the school armed with two handguns, a .38 and a .22 caliber, and that he began working his way up two flights of stairs before opening fire in a crowded hallway on the third floor.

Within minutes, the principal announced a "code blue" over the intercom, leading some students to flee into the halls, while others hid in closets and under desks. The police said they believed Coon had singled out the two teachers, who may have played a role in his suspension.

See: Rampage shakes Cleveland school

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