Thursday, September 27, 2007

KNN Exclusive-Prince Asiel Ben Israel elevated to the rank of Knight

Prince Asiel Ben Israel says that they had seen what’s called the “Door of No Return.” This entire experience moved him to say that Benin constitutes Africa’s Door of Return
“La Nation” / The Nation Daily NewsRepublic of Benin - Translated by
A. Tovleeyah KNN-Benin

"The head of the United States of America delegation from the State of Illinois, Prince Asiel Ben Israel, who sojourned to Benin the 29th to the 31st of this past August, was elevated the rank of Knight in Benin’s National Order. The ceremony of this honorary distinction, which took place last Friday, at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, of African Integration, the Francophone and the Beninese Abroad, under the presidency of the Vice Grand Chancellor of Benin’s National Order, Romain Vilon Ghezo, was at the instruction of the Head of the State who attaches importance to this delegation which intends to invest in Benin." —By Bruno Sewade

“You are special in Benin. This is why you have peace. Now, you are going to experience wealth.” By these remarks, Prince Asiel, the head of the delegation from the state of Illinois of the United States of America, has acknowledged the interest that the Head of the State, President Yayi Boni and the Beninese people hold to his delegation and to his personality.

For Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Moussa Okanla, things are happening today in the United States which are causing that the Black race begin to emerge. And he hopes that in a few years, this same race will surpass the average to reach a higher stage.

The black race in the United States, according to Minister Okanla, must consolidate its economic base by establishing relations between partnership and the African Continent. And it is what Prince Asiel Ben Israel and his delegation understood in making the journey to Cotonou. Our hosts having chosen Benin as the central point, the Minister for Foreign Affaires estimates, which will allow us to spread to the countries in the West African sub-region, before adding what’s necessary to bring this State of Illinois delegation assistance so that his dream becomes a reality in Africa.

In thanking the President of the Republic and the Beninese people for this distinction, Prince Asiel Ben Israel indicates that it is not him who is honored, but rather Benin. “In America, we will never forget the Black Land,” indicated the Prince who discloses that over years, they prayed to return home to Africa. In Benin, [Prince] Asiel Ben Israel says that they had seen what’s called the “Door of No Return.” This entire experience moved him to say that Benin constitutes Africa’s Door of Return.

The Prince and his delegation’s Benin sojourn follow a visit carried out by President Boni Yayi to the United States of America in 2006, where he signed in Chicago, in the State of Illinois, a memorandum within the framework of an economic partnership.

Yah Khai, Yah Khai, Yah Khai!!!!!!!


Amatsyah Ben Israel said...

it is good to see a brother with such courage and determination and love for his people elevate. prince asiel has been a man of admiration, a man who has given me hope in the future. i applaud you Sir asiel ben israel. take care. a long time friend remembers you.

the javelin catcher.

Zayin said...

We are true Adepts recieving Shekinah through the true devine tetragrammaton YHVH not YHWH and we have yet to see even a contact to these leaders. We question only why they have not called on the Guided who speak the Words of the Source who alone can wake the people from a many angled slumber with more power than speech. We use the ineffable Name for we have nothing else that has not been contaminated, and we once struggled to find It, and in It we have found true Guidance. Zayin Bomer