Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Soul Veg opens in Australia

Ahtur Ammioz-KNN Staff

The Soulveg team often dreamed of starting a business which would show people how good vegetarian food could be. After a visit to the US in 2004, they decided it was time to embark on a journey around the world which would allow them to learn all of the skills they would need in order to bring the dream into fruition. The team commenced rigorous, full-time training in early 2005, under the Chefs of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, a holistic community, based in Dimona, Israel which established the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant, the largest vegan restaurant chain in the world, with several locations including Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, St. Croix, Ghana, South Africa, London and Israel. Their training took them around the world visiting places including Thailand, Germany, Israel, Los Angeles, Chicago and Texas, where they learned a multitude of tried and true recipes, culinary techniques and nutritional facts, as well as scientific and Biblical explanations of vegetarianism and holistic agricultural practises.

Darah Morris and his wife Yahvinah, have pledged their time to raising awareness of healthy alternatives to the people of Australia, utilising the skills they learned in their community.
Darah, being of Aboriginal descent, has particular interest in increasing the health of the Indigenous communities of Australia through improved diet. He plans to develop a seminar series to teach his people simple techniques that can be used to improve diet and overall Aboriginal health throughout Australia. Darah, when not busy minding the business, spends time studying Anthropology and Australian Indigenous Issues, and hopes to use his knowledge one day to help all people. Please check out the new Soul Vegetarian Websites and and Everlasting Life Health Complex .

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