Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hebrew Israelites Present Vehicle Powered By Vegetable Oil To Iraeli Foreign Ministry

"In the beginning man was given an intuitive understanding. Therefore man in his right mind possesses an instinctive understanding as to why he should not pollute the water he must drink, the air he must breathe and the food he must eat. Thus through the active principle of the GOD-Mind, man was able to maintain the ecological order and harmony of the creation and insure his existence in that order. He became the earths caretaker, its watchman." - Ben Ammi- Imitation of Life

JERUSALEM, -Tired of escalating fuel prices? Is filling up at the station leaving you deflated? The answer to your dilemma – run your automobile on vegetable oil. That is what the Hebrew Israelites are proposing. Dr. Baruch Ben Yehudah of the community’s Washington, D.C.-based company, Plantroleum, is visiting Dimona to demonstrate the viability of this technology. The community envisions a partnership between Plantroleum and MASHAV, the Israel Organization for International Cooperation and Development to assist energy strapped countries and enhance Israel’s image abroad.
Last week Dr Baruch traveled to the Village of Peace in Dimona to direct a team comprised of community members with no prior experience with the technology in the conversion of a diesel powered vehicle to run on vegetable oil. Within forty-eight hours the team converted an ordinary, privately owned vehicle to run on vegetable oil with parts purchased locally in order to highlight the potential advantages of Israel promoting the technology internationally. The vehicle, a 1996 Volkswagen diesel powered van, will be driven from Dimona to MASHAV offices in Jerusalem to meet Ambassador Haim D'von, the head of MASHAV on Tuesday. “With modifications to the fuel delivery system of diesel engines, a Vegetable Oil Fuel System can be added to facilitate powering mechanically injected diesel vehicles on vegetable oil,” states Dr Baruch. The advantages of this type of fuel includes it is cleaner and safer burning, and a significantly less expensive alternative to petroleum-based fuel.” See Complete Article:

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