Sunday, May 14, 2006

Being Israeli is music to his ears

By Viva Press May 14, 2006
As he performs his soulful number at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Athens on May 18, 34-year old Eddie Butler will not just be representing his country, but the unique community in which he grew up. Butler may not look the part, but he is a native son of Israel - born in the Negev. Butler's parents are Americans, and members of the Black Hebrews African-American community that believes they are a lost tribe of Israel. His mother and father came to Israel for a visit 37 years ago and decided to stay. "I'm more than happy to represent the country I was born in. I love Jerusalem, I love Israel, I live for this country," Butler told ISRAEL21c. "This is my home." For Full Article:Click here: Israel21c

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