Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Gallery - Shades of Blue Affair - Dimona Israel - Part 1

Shades of Blue Affair - January 18, 2012
Photos by Taahmenyah eshet Sar Elyahshuv

DIMONA. Red and Black is out. Shades of Blue is in. Celebrated for the first time under its new name, the Shades of Blue Affair was a night to remember.

Created by The Brothers on the Move (BOM) as an appreciation to the Sisters on the Move (SOM), the Shades of Blue Affair, formerly known as The Red & Black Affair, demonstrates the ability to have a classy, enjoyable evening while "keeping our minds in a heavenly state" as cited by BOM Chairman Brother Kadmiel as the motivation for the name change.

This event featured dancing, delicious vegan dining (of course), and live performances from talent artists within the Community.

The Brothers and Sisters on the Move, an organization within the Hebrew Israelite Community (Kingdom of Yah), serves as a "stepping stone to leadership." These members are recognized for their diligent efforts to further enhance the growth and development of a better world.

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