Monday, August 30, 2010

Sugarless & Live Weeks are coming soon!

KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

In its continual ascension into the higher realms in pursuit of perfect health and Everlasting Life, the Ministry of Divine Health under the auspices of the African Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem has taken the reigns in regulating Sugarless and Live (raw) Foods consumption Weeks. This quarterly cycle of cleansing and rejuvenation was created by and for the Community's members, and has been observed worldwide for several years. This cycle is a viable health-enhancing lifestyle addition for anyone in pursuit of excellent health, a more vibrant life, more abundant strength, energy and longevity.

For ample time to prepare and put in place necessary procedures and items relative to this cycle such as obtaining maple syrup and other suitable sweeteners, fitting colon cleansers into the routine, scheduling colonics/colemas, ionic foot baths, etcetera, prior to the upcoming seasonal cycle, please make a note of the following dates:

03 September-Sugarless Week will begin at sunset on Yom Sheshe (Friday).
11 September-Sugarless Week will end on Mohtsai Shabbaht (Saturday at sunset).

11 September-Live Week will begin on Mohtsai Shabbaht (Saturday at sunset).
17 September-Live Week will end on Yom Sheshe (Friday) at sunset.

To date, the manifold benefits and blessings of Sugarless and Live Foods Weeks have been appreciated worldwide by thousands of Community members and non-members alike. Each season, these individuals reap its delicious fruits and bear precious personal testimonies of health success towards the attainment and maintenance of optimal health.

The standard, "curative" global health model's un-healthy evidence has been well documented. An alternative, "preventive" healthy model testifies of decreases in:

•frequency of hospital, doctor and pharmacy visits,
•occurrences of unpaid leave and "sick days" off of work due to illness,
•dependency on high-cost, high-risk pharmaceuticals and medical interventions.

Healthy lifestyle adjustments also brings in testimonies of increases in:
•weight loss,
•a more youthful appearance,
•intestinal (bowel) regularity,
•greater overall sense of well-being,
•ability to think/reason more clearly,
•ability to achieve a more sound sleep,
•greater relief from former troubling ailments,
•sense of empowerment, control of and responsibility for one's own health,
•greater financial freedom (more time at work earning full salary due to better health),

These health benefits are best achieved through consistent, conscientious application of the tried and proven health-enhancing lifestyle practices as a safeguard in the prevention of dis-ease.

To learn more about Sugarless and Live Foods consumption weeks, please click here. Otherwise, simply stay tuned to KNN for seasonal Sugarless and Live Foods Week updates.

For holistic health-related inquiries, The Ministry of Divine Health may be contacted at

"We are encouraging all to utilize this special cycle of Sugarless and Live Foods Weeks to prepare the Adamic mind/soul/body complex for the physical and spiritual elevation of THE NEW MAN."
-Ministry of Divine Health

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Mashal said...


When is the next no-salt days and sugarless/live food weeks scheduled? Was there an observation in December for the cycle?

Todah for all of your dedication to the Ministry of Divine Health...I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace and blessings