Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KNN Green Tips

The more awareness we bring to our relationship with Yah’s Holy Creations the healthier, safer and more in harmony with Yah and the Creations our lives become
KNN - Dimona

Water Conservation

A family of 4 can use up to 1,000 litres of water a day. Being a little more careful of our water consumption we can reduce this to only 100 litres a day.

►Check for leaks. One drip of water per second wastes 4 litres of water a day
►wash dishes in a bowl not under constant running water
►Run your washing machine on full loads only; a full load uses less water than 2 half loads. Each cycle uses up to 100 litres of water!
►Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth: running water for 1 minute uses up to 10 litres!
►Consider the amount of water you use in your garden. In 30 minutes a water sprinkler uses as much water as a family of four in a day, or 600 ml every two seconds

General Tips

►Eat enzyme rich foods and organically grown food as an investment in your health
►Freeze leftovers. Never throw food away if it can be prevented
►Grow sprouts and herbs indoors. Sprouting is a very inexpensive and health vitalizing practice.
►Cover what you are cooking. Water will boil faster and you’ll use less energy if you cover the pots while you cook.
►Use cloth napkins and shopping bags.
►Switch to energy saving light bulbs. Start by replacing the bulbs in the rooms that you use most often since this will save the most energy and money. Energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs are considerably more expensive, but you recoup your initial outlay quickly with the money you save in electric bills.

Watch out for environmental toxins

Cleanliness if vital for a healthy home, but the use of too many chemical cleaning products can have a harmful impact on our health and environment. Use Natural alternatives instead and keep your home well ventilated.

►Synthetic air fresheners disguise bad smells by releasing a chemical that coats the nasal passages with a film of oil or deadens the olfactory nerves
►The best cleaner in the world is water! Soaking is a very effective way of removing dirt. Heavy duty cleaners are more expensive and harmful to the health and environment.
►Any product that is labeled as “natural” only has to contain 1 % of natural ingredients. If a product is “organic” it may not contain chemicals but will possibly contain animal by-products.

Yah Kai! Yah Kai! Yah Kai!

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