Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti earthquake relief arrives; thousands of survivors suffer without medical treatment, water

Hundreds of thousands of people feared dead in Haiti
By Brian Kates
Daily News Staff Writer

With possibly hundreds of thousands of people feared dead in Haiti, aid groups from around the world were fighting against time to save the living.

"There's no water," said Jimitre Coquillon, a doctor's assistant at a makeshift triage center in a hotel parking lot. "There's nothing. Thirsty people are going to die."

Bodies - their faces contorted in grimaces, half covered by plastic tarps or white cotton sheets covered with blood and dust - were strewn about the streets. Survivors used sledgehammers and clawed through rubble with their bare hands to try to find victims.

They turned pickup trucks into ambulances and doors into stretchers to rush victims to makeshift triage centers in the capital.

As ambulances and U.N. trucks raced toward Port-au-Prince, refugees fled to the countryside, where the devastation was less severe, balancing suitcases and belongings on their heads.

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Anonymous said...

Shalom in Peace,

My heart goes out to the suffering on a cataclysmic scale being experienced by the people of Haiti mainly people of African descent like myself. Haiti is categorised as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere; historically raveged by economic and political instability and external interferance.

This latest disaster, the earthquake visited upon this impoverished nation calls us all to firstly activate our humanity to brinbg relief to suffering but secondly, to question the Creator about what a natural disaster on this scale is saying about the spiritual dynamics involved.

Some might say that it is too soon to raise those questions but for a nation that defeated the French Imperialists when Tousaint Le overture routed the French Army. It is begging some answers...

The island is sitting upon a fault line of the tuetonic plate in the area which makes it vulnerable to earth quakes but so are other Caribbean islands, she is in the path of the Atlantic hurricane winds making her succeptible to devastating hurricane, she is 80% Catholic and the rest a balance of the traditional Voodoo spiritual practice.

My question is...what are the cosmic dynamics drawing the natural disasters to this people and what can they do to reverse this pattern.

Is there a spiritual solution which can align Haiti with the geoological and biospheric elements so that peace can be reached and the Creator can protect and invest in the people and the land? Surely, there must be.

No more sacrificed chicken blood in the soil, no more idol worshipping and 'hebee gibee.' Haiti must turn to the living God Yahwah and become the elements, become the Land, become at one with the Ceative forces of the Universe. Then she will have spiritual powers to defeat the political and economic forces that have beset her. Make herself a nation that the Creator will invest in and protect.

In the meantime, May the Creator be merciful for a people spiritually deceived becomes she cries out like Israel did Yah wah will hear and send the real deliverer. YAH KHAI!

Rainforest Princess Shalom

Anonymous said...

I am saddened and disturbed by the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. How should we in the KOY respond to this situation?

Anonymous said...


The Bible has come up for a lot of references in the recent Haitian disaster. I am reading and hearing of 'biblical' destruction in all corners of the world media.

I have not heard about the Koranic destructive proportions, Talmudic or mishnaic scales of destruction.

The the Christocentric followers are dissociating themselves from these analyses as for them Jesus/God is a God ofleace and love nd would not visit this upon innocent people.

It seems that the Bible still remains the book that secular and religious alike use as their reference point for the inexplicable events of life.

More later bloggers

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