Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mekodeshet Announcement

Shalom beloved family!

KNN is pleased to announce that the following couple has now entered into the sacred and holy cycle of Mekodeshet

Sar Elyahshuv and Ahkote Taahmenyah

Please govern yourselves accordingly upon the hearing of this special announcement.

Yah Khai!!!


Anonymous said...

Ben Ammi Khai!

Mazol Tov to my Beloved Sister Ahkote TaahmenYah on her Divine Micodeshet rites of passage with the Mighty Minister of Information Sar Elyahshuv.

The Kingdom of Yah is verily the New World of Hope for Divine restorative relationships, households, communities and civilizations.

It is the HOPE of every single daughter of Yah. HalleluYah!

Your sister from London. Yes Baht Shaleahk Ben Yehudah

Ahmeets said...

Yah Khai, Ben Ammi Khai !!!

Yididah Eshet Ahmeets from South Africa !!!
(South Eden)