Friday, October 16, 2009

Shabbaht Shalom
The Village of Peace!

KNN-Dimona, Israel

The Holy Hebraic Shabbaht (the seventh day) commences weekly at the setting of the sun each erev Shabbaht (Yom Sheshe or Friday) and ends at sunset on each Mohtsai Shabbaht (Saturday evening).

It is one day set aside each week as a day for humanity to cease from work and all activities in order to rest the body and soul, and to allow our minds, bodies and souls (the temple) to totally rest, be repaired, restored and rejuvenated from the wear and tear of daily activities.

The sunset time at Kefar HaShalom (the Village of Peace) in Dimona, Israel this Yom Sheshe, (Friday) October 16th-17th is 5:04PM. Please click here to find sunset times for your area.

Shabbaht Shalom.
(Peaceful sabbath)

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