Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can Turmeric Relieve Pain?

One Of The Most Versatile And Powerful Medicinal Herbs
KNN Staff

The health benefits of turmeric are extremely well known, stretching back to ancient times. Turmeric has a long standing reputation as a potent medicinal herb capable of improving NUMEROUS health conditions.

Turmeric has been the subject of a sizable amount of research into its potential as an anti-cancer agent as well as its tumor suppressing properties; anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant capacity.

But There's MORE! Additional health benefits of turmeric are observed through its pain suppressing ability. Most of the studies to date have been on animals however Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have recorded the medicinal health benefits of turmeric in humans over a long period of time.

Studies suggest the most recognized health benefits of turmeric to be:

-Treating digestive disorders
-As an anti-inflammatory agent (e.g. treatment of osteoarthritis)
-Treatment of arteriosclerosis – may cause a reduction in bad cholesterol that can lead to blockage of the arteries.
-Preliminary studies suggest a potential treatment for certain cancers – breast, colon, prostate and skin (only low-quality studies in humans have been conducted)
-Reducing activity of roundworms and intestinal worms
-Protection from liver disease
-Preventing bacterial infection in wounds
-Healing wounds
-Eye disorder – possible (natural) treatment for uveitis

Turmeric health antioxidant capacity was examined as part of a German research study during 2003 (Screening pharmaceutical preparations containing extracts of turmeric rhizome, artichoke leaf, devil's claw root and garlic oil for antioxidant capacity).

Besides being used for its therapeutic activity, turmeric is also extremely popular as a food additive (spice). It has been used in Asian cookery for thousands of years.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! recently I have been using this powder in my delightful Trinidadian Roti and dhal puree a tradition learned from the Indentured Indians of the Island.
It has a different impact from my use of curry powder.

I did notice a greater sense of feeling well especially inthe digestive system area.

Now that I am known as Ahkote Roti in the midst of the community I would have to think creatively of how to embrace Tumeric into my products promotional lexicon.

back to the Vortex for now...for inspiration.

Island Gyal