Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The KOY Office of Environmental Affairs Presents

The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Summit at the Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel

Summit Agenda

Yom Shleshe (Tuesday) June 9, 2009

Opening Prayer

Rofeh Yehoshua

Health & Ecology
Rofeh El-Rahm

Cultural Application / Recycling
Ahk Yehuda HaCohane

Solar Cooking
Ahkote Baht Ammi
Sustainable Building
Sar Ehliel

Sustaining the Yah Idea
in the Environment-
Sar Yadiel
Eco-Cleaning Products & the Environment
Moreh Khashaviyah

Eco-Friendly Housing Concepts
"Greening the Kifar"
Ahk Michael
Closing Prayer


For more information, please contact
Ahtur Keymah at and/or
Ahk Yehuda HaCohane at


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I want to be there...but since I'm not everyone can check out my website. I make artwork using recycled objects. I am having an exhibition on the 25th entitled (Re)Redefined: Collages and paintings by eranah! Much love to you all!

Anonymous said...

This conference line-up and topics hail straight from the Br'ay sheet School of Diivne Dedication.

If any Community's lifestyle harmonises with this programme it is the Village of Peace. It is a blessing to see the advancement of the regenerative programme as it elevates with our lifistyle and global alignment with the eco-preservation of the Creator's World.

Blessings and guidance. We await the Report.