Monday, June 15, 2009

Communicators Press Launches New Web Page

Visit Communicators Press new user-friendly web page

Order your books and audio visual materials online!!!!!

This collection of books and audio visual materials is dedicated to the truth, not according to the words of men but according to the universal principles that govern the earth.

Communicators Press specializes in publishing and distributing spiritually uplifting works by renowned scholars and thinkers around the world. The TRUTH is knowable...look no further.

Click Here to see CP's new web page:

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Anonymous said...

This upgraded Communicator's Press page is just in time to consider the idea of a Book Club by KNN to run regular features of the Kingdom books and other interesting titles used in our Scholarship presentations.

As a Nation of Scholars, we should have no problems in submitting reviews of the book as we would have read and studied them.

Book Club? Yes or Yes?

Inspired KNN Team Member.