Saturday, May 23, 2009

‘Dedication vs. Education’ Seminar

Institute of Regenerative Truth Teaches at London University

Soferet Baht Yehuda

“Truth the Forbidden Cure!”
“ Dedicate Yourself to Life OR Educate Yourself to Death.”

These regenerative and revolutionary concepts heralded the arrival of the scholarship team from the Institute of Regenerative Truth Dimona, Israel; Crowned Deputy Minister Dr. Ahdeev Ben Yehuda, National Spokesperson, and Minister Dr. Elyahkeem Ben Yehuda, Master Lecturer at The School of the Prophets Institute at Jerusalem. Both are members of the Governmental body of the Hebrew Israelite Community, Hebrew Linguists and members of the International Jerusalem Brotherhood.

The Seminar, already presented in Atlanta, Georgia and Dimona, Israel; drew it’s subject matter from a philosophical concept coined by Spiritual Leader, Ben Ammi Ben Israel, ‘Advancing from Euro-Literacy to Afro-Literacy,’ and developed further by Crowned Dr. Khazriel Ben Yehuda in his position paper. (Please click here to read it.)

The collaborative event, organized by the Institute of Regenerative Truth of the Hebrew Israelite British Isles Community in conjunction with a number of other Black Community Organizations including Black Star Line and Nu- Beyond, was held at the London South Bank University.

Friday evening of the 1st of May 2009 saw an audience of African people from various groups and organizations listen with a mixture of awe, delight, disdain and the occasional cringe factor as Ahtur Sgan (Crowned Deputy Minister) Dr. Ahdeev’s calm meditational style relaxed and prepared the audience for Lion’s roar and presentational prowl of Sar (Minister) Elyahkeem. The Lion and Lamb duo captivated the audience aided by the interactive, multi-media power-point presentation.

They introduced the audience to the notion of ‘Dedication’ as the key Hebraic concept of what has been defined as Education; but the end result of Contemporary Education was shown in graphic images of the cascading demise of the earth’s bio-diversity, geological, social and economic; scientific and medical systems. They stressed that the Bible has no word for education because there is no Hebrew word that corresponds with this process.

The audience, many of Egyptology/Kemetic persuasion have various issues with the Holy Bible--the central reference text used; while others reject the Genesis narrative of the Adamic Civilization. Both speakers elucidated the devastating impact of Contemporary Education and illustrated how a system of ‘Dedication’ will deliver a new mindset, concept and application to teaching and learning that will lead to harmonious living with the ecology of peoples and earth’s eco-systems.

Minister Elyahkeem drew contemporary parallels and commonsense examples to clarify and simplify the scholarship position of the Kingdom, though the language and terms were not calibrated to the majority of the listeners. The combined impact confounded some, enlightened, delighted and irritated others.

A few uncomfortable with the geo-political location and developing dynamics of the Community’s status within the State Israel raised the issue of the community’s youth in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). This provocative gesture at question time by a prominent community activist, while causing some ripples, did not derail the overall sentiments of the main organizers and majority of audience participants who were captivated!

With his new Israeli citizenship status, Minister Elyahkeem answered the question with authority and counter-challenges to the questioner. He closed by stressing that, “ We are concerned about being prophetically and not politically correct!” The issue remains a sore one for some, as the profile of the Community is being raised within the British Isles African community of families and networking organizations.

Brother Dr. Les Henry, one of the main partners commented that he never knew the Hebrew Israelites were ‘like this’ and would love more presentations and collaboration with the British Isles Scholars of the IRT.

While the formal evaluation is taking place, we thank the team for their scholarship and geo-political skills delivered as the seeds of ‘Ancient Dedication’ are now planted in the minds of the community.


Anonymous said...

Yah Khai!

I am delighted that this article is at last published. I will e-mail the KNN blog address to the community groups for them to blog comments.

I am so blessed to be part of this civilizational Intellectual thrust. The Regenerative Truth is being revealed and causing ripples in the midst of the wider African family.

Check out the representativesoorf one half of the New Holy Trinity; the other half is Re-imagining the African-Edenic Woman of the 21st Century.

HalleluYah! KNN.

Soferet Baht Yehuda London

Anonymous said...

Shalom Family,

I concede that most people do not like to Blog! Judging by the level of bolgged comments on KNN, It seems that many are blog-shy or blogged-off!

I invited some colleagues to blog their views but still have not had a response; not with standing
these are among the most vocal and vociferous of the Pan- African Community in the British Isles.

It's not too late so I still have hope.

Well I will reflect some of their
views about the conference.

From the Women and Gender-Sisterhood perspective,

1. It was felt that it would do the Community well to have more sisters presenting at high level Scholarship events as the imagery of the all-male team does infer patriaichal bias.
2. This bias is also reflected in the reference to the Creator as 'HE'in the personification of the English Language.
3. We also refer to 'The God of Our FATHERS and not inclued the MOTHERS!

While the MC of the event was a sister who is an aspiring Scholar locally, it was commented that event the Pan-African activist world has over the years relegated sisters to making the drinks. serving the food and other domestics within the organisation.
3. When they log on to the KOY WEBSITE the 'Leadership for the 21st image is in the eyes of the world 4 'elder' males with no sisters on any level of governmental service reflected.

No matter how much I dialogue with sisters they say the evidence speaks to a patriaichate Community doctrinally and organisationally.

" The Kingdom is not a reactive global institution and certainly has its diplomatic tentacles extended to respond as it sees fit in the right spiritual and seasonal cycle."

" However, as we have now engaged the global stage as a civilisational alternative to the world's global systems, we have to become more conscious of language and imagery if the world is to come under our dominion.

Rainforest Princess

Anonymous said...

Shalom Family and Pan-African Extended Family,

It is not enough to dismiss the critical Pan-Africans as 'intellectual masturbators' with mummified, ossified and dry-rotted spirituality of the Pharoahs!' Abba Shaleahk has made that clear in his seminal works,
The Rise of the Messianic Civilization parts 1 and 11.'
[Watch KNN for review of parts 1 and 11) inthe light of thsi dialogue!
What I believe needs to happen is to take on the Afri-centric Scholarship world in the areas of the:
1. The Bible being a plagarized text from the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' and other writings from the dispised Egyptians.
2. Israelites were never enslaved in Egypt and the narrative of the defeat of the Pharaoh was a fabricated myth.
3. Geo-politically, by allowing our youth to be in the IDF we have compromised our position as the 'Village of Peace' and Guardian of Peace' in North Eastern Africa.

The global Pan-African world have bought into the Pro-Palestinian cause seeing them from our history as an oppressed under-dog of the Euro-centric psychopathic hegemony.

They do not understand the Spiritual, PROPHETIC, metaphysical and cosmic significance of Israel in the Creator, Yahwah's Divine Plan for the Holy/Promised Land, the Sons and Daughters of Light-CHOSEN, and the Global Redemptive Plan.

The Pan-African Political yardstick is inadequate to measure nevermind analyse the phenomenon and geo-politics of the Prophetic Kingdom of Yah and Israel as Ghan Eden.

We have a lot of work to do in Dedication of the Pan African World. Most are wrapped up in the mummified bandages of the Pharaohs, looking into catacombs and coffins and the greatness of the pyramids.

While the Living Kingdom of Yah is about to build 'Shomrey Ha Shalom' the New City- Temple that the Jews have waited for for centuries; Pan-Africans continue to worship the Dead, like their Christian counterparts while flexing intellectual muscles.

Let the real dialogue commence!!!!

Rain Forest Princess dripping with morning dewdrops.

In Humility but Truth

Anonymous said...

Now that the Seminar has taken place; we need to activate a communication process which transforms the lexion of the PEOPLE who attended from 'Education' to 'Dedication.'

When we make public addresses we should introduce ourselves as 'Dedicators;' and explain why. The message of this powerful seminar cannot now be left in a vaccum until the next Scholarship EVENT Arrives in London.

The work has just begun..but thanks to the Sareem for the confidence boost and exemplary Scholarship delivery.

Sar/Minister Eliyahkeem reminded me of Abba Shaleahk. He was witty, diplomatic, engaging, assertive, challenging and also learned.

He had the audience in stitches of laughter and equally contorted faces of disagreement, bewilderment and..... agreement. The audience went from exhilaration to cringe in minutes AND BACK. Thus, the Kingdom's position was validated.

I am still on a high from the Presentation........HalleluYah

When I can deliver a Presentation like that! I would have come of age........INSPIRATIONAL!



Anonymous said...

Yah Khai!
Alas...before this Divine Dedication piece diasppears into KNN's Atchives, I cannot resist the oportunty to blog again.

The Greeks have eternalised Aristotle and Hypocrates et. al., and celebrated Alexandra Library as the ancient repository of Greek Scholarships Works; Romans diefied Constantine, Julius and other Scholar Popes incl. the late John Paul; for centuries the Jesuits have be reputed as the elite of Papal Scholarship collective minds and the Chinese have immortalised Confucius and his philosophy.

Jews have elevated Maimonides the11th century Rabbi and thinker to global philosophical status. GREAT! It is about validation and heritage to their people and introduction to others as global redemptive.

Well, taking a leaf our of their book, we are doing the same with Anointed Spiritual Leader of the Hebrew Israelites Ben Ammi and the Kingdom of Yah; School of the Prophets, The Institute of Regenerative Truth, Writers' Guild and Divine scholars like the late Prince Shaleahk Ben Yehuda, Prince Gavriel Ha Gadol, Prince Aharone, Dr. Ahmadiel Ben Yehuda, Researcher and Executive Director of the African Edenic Mobile Museum; Dr Avimelech and more.....

Elevated Crowned Sister Yoninah Baht Israel,Sister Shamayah E. Sar Eliyahkeem, Sis Yaheerah E. Sgan Ahtur Ahdeev and the Performing Arts body of divinely inspired lyricists who have subdued the world with 'Songs of Deliverance.'

If any Extension outside of Dimona needs a much-needed confidence boost and regenerated outreach to other Communities; I would recomend the Ahdeev/ EliYahkeem package.

After Sgan set the audience's mind on fire but their body in the ultimate state of relaxation; Sar was UNLEASHED to finish the RESSURECTION. That 'Lion and Lamb' duo can raise the dead!

Even in responding to the provocative questionner about the youth in the IDF, Sar moved from his Podium position close up to the brother--a master move in the psychology of heckling of negative audience management.

It was a Master Class in Public presentation....what a Mentor!?

I will speak and promote your intellect your skills to the world! You are the DIVINE intellectual DNA of the Planet.

Time to exhale......... The Witness, London

Anonymous said...

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