Sunday, April 26, 2009

KOY's Participation in the 2009 Durban Review Conference--Geneva Switzerland

KNN Staff
Dimona, Israel

The Durban Review Conference (20-24 April) served to evaluate progress towards the goals which had been originally set by the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (Durban, South Africa-2001).

The Review Conference which convened on 20-24th April in Geneva, Switzerland served as a catalyst to fulfilling the promises of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action agreed at the 2001 World Conference through reinvigorated actions, initiatives and practical solutions.

The African Hebrew Israelite Community's NGO the African Hebew Development Agency (AHDA) was represented by Dr. Ahtur Khazriel Ben-Yehuda on April 24, 2009.

Dr. Khazriel Ben-Yehuda diplomatically delivered a sharp blow by way of undeniable, solid words of truth to the world's statesmen and women, citing the global community's need to acknowledge "TRUTH" in order to end the lies, fears, profound ignorance and hatred which has brought the human family at its lowest point in the 6,000 years since the Genesis.

Though not shown on this footage, he received a standing ovation afterwards, and the clip of his speech was shown on Israel's Channel 2.

To view and listen to his thought-provoking discourse which has been heralded to the four corners of the earth, surely playing its role in activating the universal corrective forces to bring about the end of unrighteousness, please click here, then scroll down to the "15:00-18:00, 12th meeting" under African Hebrew Development Agency and enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...


I listened to the webcst of the Crowned Doctor on the Derban Review and viewed the presentation.

I have send Ahtur a personal message of commendation but more importantly celebrated the KOY for its steady rise unto the global world stage in the sphere of humanitarinism, Peace. health and geo-politics.

Truly the stone taht the builder rejected has become the head cornerstone ans is occupying its position on the world's stage.

Ahtur duely represented another type, alternative mindset in the UN where this particular subject is always froth with disruptions and grandstanding.

As the Director of the European Theatre and British Isles Extension; we stand proud and tall while humbled to be represented on par with other world leaders representatives.

While the world blinks or remain blinkered; another world another idea planted as a seed by the mind of Ben Ammi is moving up from the horizon in the EAST...JUST AS WAS prophecied in the First Testament.

HalleluYah for the Super power for Peace..the KOY at New Jerusalem and thanks Ahtur for representing at the highest level. Next time I hope to see the Jerusalem Sisterhood represented by your side and speaking to the women's issues.

Rain Forest Princess

Anonymous said...

Shalom Bloggers,

Truly when you are comming from a prophetic/spiritual paradigm your amalysis and solution will have a more overarching and peace-possible position.

Ahtur Dr. Khazriel stressed that 'Truth' acknowledgement is the pivot from which the bases of lies; leading to the philosophical and ideological dysfunctions stem.

These perverted knowledge systems then lead to perceptions and behaviours detrimental to the world peoples in Racism etc. Religions are systemically constructed theological discourses of lies that's why they cannot bring peace to the planet.

In fact most wars fought in history stem from religion. So tolerance can only come from a calibration to TRUTH.

Mind you, I am all for intolerance to lies and deception, wars, oppression, discrimination against women, child abuse.

With respect to Xenophobia ( an irrational and baseless fear of strangers) in Hebrew and Jewish history and culture the 'stranger' is highly revered for we have been warned to be alert as in entertaining the stranger unaware wse can be receiving Holy Messengers or 'malahkeem' messengers from God 'Yah' as many of the Prophets and prophetesses have.

The world has become a more complex and dangerous place for what a stanger may have in his rock-sack today or under her/his vest is unlikely to be a priestly vestment or guidaleem.

The path to peace has become a perversion of spirituality to some groups. Sadly, this perversion has enlisted God in its rationale so the confrontation is now between God/Yah and those people!

While the Durban agenda was not set by the Kingdom; the platform was used to posit a Kingdom position on global harmony and world peace.

Any one with a better solution should table it! Selah

Rainforest Princess

Anonymous said...

Greetings my Sisters and Brothers,

We are part of the global solution strategy for the global family but the central pivot, located in the vortex of the biospheric dynamics of the earth; vibrating from the geo-centric location of the planet and Spiritual capital of the world JERUSALEM!!!!!

Divine collaborative partners are welcome on board. It is the critical armchair warriors, intellectual auto-erotic neurotics and remote-control revolutionaries that recline in the luxurious western living rooms who incur my indignation.

The genuinely sincere searching for solutions for our people are known and can be felt.

Those for whom intellectual masturbation on public platform is the buzz---leave them to their impotence. Time is too short!

Rainforest Revolutionary Princess.

Anonymous said...

The Crowned Brother's message was on point........ not strangled by inflamatory political rhetoric, mugged by egotistical megalomania nor boomaranged by verbal missiles.

Truth does not need a camouflage jacket, combat boots or nylon dressing. It stands on its own. It is the lies that need all the confusion to distract it from Truth.

Truth about the true Spiritual Heritage of the Land! Truth about Ben Ammi! Truth about the reason for the Conflict between Jews and Palestinians! Truth about the Middle East! Truth about Zionism! Truth about the People of the Peace!

Until Truth is told and honoured she will continue to kick 'tucket'!

Rainforest Princess

Anonymous said...

During his powerful delivery at the Dedication v Education Seminar inLondon recently, Minister Eliyahkeem Ben Yehuda stated in closing, "We (the Hebrew Israelite Community) are concerned about being PROPHETICALLY CORRECT NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!"

This statement momentarily choked the politically energised vocal audience members for whom the Political paradigm is their platform of engagement.

Who the Hebrew Israelites are and our prophetic purpose are yet to be appreciated by the Pan African and other Intellectuals in the African world.

Just check out Dr, Khazriel's message to the UN. It was unique to all the other presenters comming from the platform of the spiritual.

Granted, my allies who are sympathetic to the Kingdom repeatedly challenge me thus; " Is your objective to save the people in Dimona and the Community alone or to reach out to the Diaspora where the majority of our people are lost and suffering?"

Their concern is that if the language we communicate in is resonating with our people as religion or politically insensitive; then how would we reach our objective?"

My personal position is that you do not dilute Truth or call it by another name because people refuse to enbrace it. The sincere truth-seekers tend to embrace and accept who we are and seek to genuinely understand our geo-political situation.

I have found that it is the politically seasoned for whom politics is the 'neo-spirituality' who find it inconvenient to embrace the PROPHETIC PARADIGM.
I agree that we have to communicate in form which aids the understanding of who we are and what we are about in that part of the world. But there is a limit to that.

The key is to teach the Hebraic-prophetic etymology and identity of the Israelites and just be th e living example of who we are. Some wil get it! Some will choose not too! Others will be judged by it! Darkness and deception are nocturnal twins.

The Minister is correct! The Prophetic is our guide NOT the POLITICAL! Ahtur's message is on point.
Rainforest Princess