Monday, April 06, 2009

Earthquake Slams Italy

Thousands Homeless, 1,500 Injured
by Gary Davis
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Italy has had an earthquake. Italy's earthquake occurred in the city of L'Aquila and is now responsible for the deaths of 90 people as BBC News reports.

Another source, OFW Station out of Manila, Philippines, tells us that the intensity of the earthquake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale which is quite strong leaving tens of thousands homeless. It hit in several Italian cities.

In BBC News' article "Powerful Italian quake kills many," the reporting goes on to add that in addition to the dead and homeless, 1,500 are injured and many are missing which of course typically means more people will be found dead.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi declared a state of emergency and also was quoted in the article as saying there will be a "record number of rescuers.

"The impact of the earthquake affected 26 cities and damaged thousands of buildings. Somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 are homeless and the Italian authorities are trying to find a place to put them. Many are carrying their belongings with them.

According to witnesses there was quite a bit of panic. The large earthquake measuring 6.3 was preceded by an earthquake measuring 4.6. People, in a panicked state ran into the street to see walls crumbling.

It is supposed that many of the missing people are under ruble.

The final state of the city is that a tremor is occurring every 30 minutes.

Many of the buildings in the town of L'Aquila had walls destroyed. Keep in mind L'Aquila is an "ancient town" and these buildings were not capable of withstanding this type of shaking.

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Anonymous said...

The Earthquake struck at the beginning of Easter Holy Week, for the Christian calendar. Shockwaves rocked the Vatican as they prepared to mourn the death of Jesus Christ.

I am interested in the Vatican's response to the catastrophic A Quilla earthquake.

Has Jesus returned from the Dead with a vengence or was it Yeshua fed-up with the lies and name sacrilege. Or was it Truth stepping up to the ultimate confrontation!

Do not get me wrong...any life catastrophy with mass suffering pulls at the humanitiarian strings of our heart. But when we apply the prophetic and Truth model of analysis; it activates another another emotional nuance.

Why would the God of Truth and Peace in the universe shake so close to the Eternal City of the Vicar of Christ?

You tell me or could some one from the Vatican please blog me with the answer.

The Jews and Hebrew around the globe prepared for Passover celebrating Freedom and reconciliation in 'passing over' and have seemingly evoked another spiritual dynamic in their midst.

Good Friday celebrates the torture and murder of a peaceful Prophet as a good thing while mourning his death.
Please help me..understand the message of the Earthquake or is it too soon?

Prophetic Princess open to Dialogue