Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Classic Prince Aharon Classes Available on "CD"

Digitally re-mixed classics are now available
KNN Staff

Digitally re-mixed classic of Nasik Aharon are now available. Timeless classes such as "The Law of Increase", "Removing The Curse of Tempermentalism", and "The Secrets Hidden in the Mind of Yah" just to name a few are now available.

Classes taught by his son and student Ahtur Keymah are also being released. Please contact our KNN Staff at keymah777@aol.com for more information.

Place your order today!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yah Khai!

I have seen the text of Nasik's presentation on the subject and would love to hear his delivery on 'Removing the Curse of Temperimentalism.'

We are being scrutanized as a 'Patriarchate' and would have to engage this issue in the next frontier of challenge from the African Women's Movement.

I need tools:
* Yah is personified as male
* Woman came from Man-the reverse of the natural procreative process of child bearing,
* We venerate the Patriachal Fathers in Abrahan, Isaac and Jacob in our salutation but not the matriaichs Sarah, Leah Rebecca and Rachel,
* Our Prefered Order is hierarchical in favour of the male and while Eve was acquitted by our Fathers in these times; the Garden of Eden narrative remains the reference point for most readers of the Bible and is becomming a platform of public critique for us in recent times.

So Nasik Aaharone's CD iss a must!

Rainforest Princess