Monday, March 02, 2009

Economic Worries Keep 1/3 of Americans Up at Night

The number of sleep-deprived Americans has increased by 13 percent
The Cleveland Leader Magazine

Is the current state of the economy keeping you up late at night? If so, you're not alone. A new poll finds that nearly a third of all Americans are losing sleep over worries about the sagging economy and the prospects of losing their job.

Money is the top concern, far outweighing other problems such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorist attacks, and global warming. Results of the annual poll by the National Sleep Foundation were released Monday.

Report co-author Michael Vitiello, a profess of psychiatry at the University of Washington said:

"What is very telling is that these Americans whose sleep is impacted by financial worries report that their sleep disturbance makes them much less likely to work efficiently, exercise, eat healthily, and have sex compared to their better-sleeping fellow Americans."

The survey also showed that in the past month, 27% had disturbed sleep due to money issues- 16% worried about personal finances, 15% the overall economy, and 10% worried about the prospect of losing their job.

Since 2001, the number of Americans who say they get eight hours of sleep on a regular basis has decreased 10 percent. The number of sleep-deprived Americans has increased by 13 percent.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from London,

Though I live in England and have no experience of the American way of life, having never been there;
the findings of the Psychiatric study I believe speak to other underlying issues to do with the philosophy and values of the American culture (economic and Political) and disregard for the Righteous Cycles, Seasons and Set Times.

1. American culture has socialised it citizens to measure their worth in financial and economic gains. This materialistic culture is now affecting the global reaches of American Imperialistic expansionism and other cultures.

2. Building the psyche of a nation on material and not spiritual structures leave people vulnerable to physiological and psychological disturbances in the event of collapse due to weaknesses within that very system.
3. Vulgar Capitalism and individualism have lured US Citizens into a false sense of security as the 'melt-down' kicked in, panic and disorientation set in. ( the American Dream has been shown to be the nightmare it always was).
4. American religious teachings have already set them out of sinc with the natural Righteous Cycle of the Creations as taught by Anointed Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi Ben Israel from the Holy Scriptures and observed by Hebrews, Jews and Seventh-Day Christian observers.

Most believe that the day begins in the middle of the night so are confused as th the natural time to go to bed. Probably even if they do go to bed before 9 00PM their subconscious is telling them that the day starts in 3hrs. In addition to the myriad of distractions, 24 hr satellite TV, Mobile phones and on-line distractions almost 24 hrs a day.

The consequences of the impact of the financial collapse are real and stressful; I am not downplaying the prospects of losing a home, job and not caring for one's family on ones health.

But what makes one able to sleep well at night is being at peace with the Divine Laws and Cycles of the Universe, A spiritual consciousness that sets one in synergy with the Order of the Creator and system where 'All Things in Common' leaves a safety -valve and peace which a system of Individualism cannot!

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