Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Summit was a huge success! Yah Khai!!!

KNN-Environmental Awareness Department

The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Summit which took place from January 23-25, 2009 in Atlanta Georgia was a resounding success! Conferees sojourned from as far as Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma and of course from within Georgia to participate in this momentous event. Throughout the coming days, KNN will be featuring highlights from the Summit.

One such highlight was a dynamic presentation by Ahkote Birooreet E. Ben Or's on Renewable Energy where she focused on 'free energy' sources, such as the "Earth Battery". She demonstrated the energy present in a soil sample. Electricity charges were measured using a voltage detector, opper and brass plates, wires and an ice tray of soil and a significant charge was registered.

The same simple technology was used to detect a voltage reading for the "Human Battery" which proved a fascinating display of how humans also generate free energy. She held in her hands positive and negative poles connected to the voltage detector and invited participants to do participate in the experience as well and to get their voltage 'reading'. The reading was surprisingly higher when she wet her hands using water as an electric conduit. To say the least, it was fascinating to learn that we too carry a measurable and renewable energy charge!

The workshop on Environmental Protection which Ahkote Birooreet also facilitated resolved to raise the consciousness of all in their environments via instituting recycling of paper, plastics, aluminum, cooking oil and printer cartridges, to practice recycling in the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant chain as well as in the participants' homes. They also resolved to educate the public on humans' positive and negative impact upon the environment and how we can work collectively to decrease our negative impact on the environment.

For more information on getting involved with the work of the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living team, please email Ahtur Keymah at or simply leave a comment here on KNN with your name and contact information (email address) and we will reply to you directly.

Thanks and stay tuned to KNN for the latest "green" updates!


Anonymous said...

Pehaps the absence of comments on this Blog site is because Members of the Hebrew Israelite Community feel and experience an organic sense of what's called 'Sustainable Living.'

I know for a fact that the lifestyle of the community is organic, regenerative and bio-genic. However, we must not be complacent. Every aspect of our lifestyle is being taken to the extra-ordinary level; so we are locking into to global Sustainable Living process; while continuing to lead in Vegan/Vegetarian and a natural lifestyle.... our way of life since 1967.

I am excited by the Kefah Ha Shalom Solar cooking technological developments and look forward to the seeing what strides will be made in the building of 'Shomrey Ha Shalom' in terms of the plan for a whole Kibbutz 'town' being built from scratch on the principles of KOY RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

There is no limit to the Creative Intellect of the minds in the Kingdom of Yah.

Congratulations Ahtur Keymah! your work is cut out!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Royal KOY Family,

Image and imagery, we know are and have been used by the adversary to deceive the whole world but also by Yahway in the B'raysheet ( Genesis). Case in point1. 'Jesus' The European Saviour theologically given as the Son of God. Case in point 2. Yah created male and female to reflect the Creator's Holy image and essence.

What's my point in relation to the article and imagery on Renewable Energy and sistainable Living?

Well, many questioning observers of the Kingdom structure and profile and even some allies have continually raised the issues of the image and role of Sisters in the Kingdom of Yah globally known as the Hebrew Israelite Community.

Most are hung up on the Plural marriage system, the return of women to the home and child-bearing and domentic system of communal focus. I continually explain to these women and occassionally Brothers that Women in the Kingdom have been side by side with their men since the Liberian bush pioneering era and headed up Projects and business enterprises in places like; Ghana Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa and major cities of the USA and Europe and Caribbean.

Then the comments come, and rightly so, it is then has to be one of image and profile of the status and role of the women in your community. To a great extent I agree; as is observed from the African Diasopra in Europe.


See quote below taken from the main article and study the photo. The Divine Jerusalem Brother is seated and assisting her in her presentation while she is clearly the one in charge and demonstrating her expertise.

" One such highlight was a dynamic presentation by Ahkote Birooreet E. Ben Or's on Renewable Energy where she focused on 'free energy' sources, such as the "Earth Battery". She demonstrated the energy present in a soil sample. Electricity charges were measured using a voltage detector, opper and brass plates, wires and an ice tray of soil and a significant charge was registered."

So to the women of the world and African global family, our women have been already been re-imaged in the universal leadership roles of Entrepeneurs, Scholars, Policy-makers, Writers, Nutritionists, Regenerative Healers and bio- Energy Engineers.

The reality is different from the image and profile balance, which I am sure as the use of the Internet and You Tube become more prominent in our communication network, sisters in leadership roles will become more visible in a functional context. But for now, take in the image of the sister and brother and the psychology in the roles; and sitting/standing gender dynamics.

The Kingdom of Yah is an advanced civilization.....and yes
Leadership for a New Age includes the roles and status of the Women in the Community's activities, inspite of the male images only on the website. Happy to dialogue more on this.

Sister in European Theatre of British Isles Extension.

Anonymous said...


Well, once you open up dialogue, you have to take to comeback and engage. Fair enough. After posting my Jerusalem Sisterhood assertion on our role and status; I knew the dialogue would have to be further extended.

My Sister Friend conceeds that on a level it is a matter of image inequality in profiling. However, she is strongly holding that we are out of sinc, as a nation strong on the significance of image in our world view and teachings How is it when it comes to the image of women in the Kingdom we are out of sinc with other world structures in profiling the sister's true status and image.

My response was because we are living it and it is not just a theory or ideology, we are not desperate to prove something. It evolves as a natural contextual process. Like in the article with the sister.

Her resposne was, then you are a partriarchal civilization and your work has just begun....your language and gender lexicon project God as male--in English of course much in the same as the Judeo-Christian Religion; you do not have female priestess. Why?

I said I welcomed the discourse and would expand further as I am enlightened; or maybe sister logging on may join in.

for now L' heathraote

Divine Sisterhood Dialogue Protagonist