Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ahtur Keymah Class-ics Available on CD!!!

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Are you in need of some grounded spiritual inspiration beyond the immediate, however short-lived, emotional refreshments you receive from your usual hum drum lecturing circuit?

Do you remember the first time you were inspired to reach higher and deeper spiritual realms by having mastered the art of "hear"-ing?

When was the last time you feasted your ears and mind on enlightening discourse on the relativity of tried and proven Truth concepts and ideals on a very real and personal level?

When was the last time you heard something so powerful, so riveting that it served as a catalyst for some much needed life-altering breakthroughs to take place in your mind and in your life?

Well, now the timeless teachings by Nasik Aharon's son and personal understudy Ahtur Keymah are available to you on CD.

Many have testified about Ahtur's keen ability to dismantle complex concepts, to expound on profound revelations, which inspire life-changing thought patterns which bring about the "breakthrough" via the removal of spiritual blockages.

Also recognized for his organic, introspection-provoking teaching style, Ahtur Keymah was inducted into the Divine Scholarship Body at Jerusalem as well as elevated into the cadre of the Body's "Master Teachers".

Also a master student of the Resurrection Series-the total of 9 writings to date of Abbah Ben Ammi Ben Israel, the Anointed Spiritual Leader of the African Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem, Ahtur Keymah's teachings reflect the great writings of The Master Teacher.

Timeless lessons such as "The Breakthrough Series", "The Law of the Harvest", "The Elect", "The Pleasure Principle", and "Two Men, Two Ways, Two Destinies", and many more great class-ics are available to you wherever you are through KNN.

To secure your copies or for more information, please contact Ahkote Tovleeyah at .

We assure you, great things await you...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ahtur Keymah for these inspirational products regenerated from the mind of the Master Teacher, Abba Ben Ammi.

As this regenerative Truth spreads through the Creative Intellect of Yah, let's pray that more prolific endeavours will come forth from those of us cultivated and made in the image of our Master Teachers.

I look forward to securing my copies inthe comming weeks.

Baht Shaleahk, South East London