Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't Drive Sleep

Eye-opening myths about sleepy driving
KNN Staff

Nearly half of the men surveyed said they've fallen asleep at the wheel. That number may be even higher in the most sleep deprived cities. While there are lots of ways to try to stay awake en route, Swedish researches found that mot of us rely strategies that may or may not work.

The Method: Take a short walk.

Does it work? In a US Army study, 10 minutes of exercise helped sleep-deprived pilots stay awake for up to 30 minutes.

The Method: Open the window.

Does it work? When drivers in a British study were blasted with cool air, they didn't report feeling any more alert.

The Method: Talk to a passenger.

Does it work? In a Miami University study, chatty drivers took 16% loner to hit the brakes when stopping.

The Method? Turn on the radio.

Does it work? A study published in the journal Sleep found that cruisin' to sounds failed to energize sleepy driver.

The most effective solution: Take a nap!!!!!

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