Friday, March 21, 2008

Cignon Introduces 2008 New World Passover Collection

Get Kingdom Fine with "Ghan Ha Cignon - Garden of Style" Attire
A. Eetiyah E. Rhavyah HaCohane

Ghan Ha Cignon is proud to make available to our international family the "Jerusalem Fine" New World Passover 2008 Collection. Tailor made garments designed for you in our international color for this year (standard red) can be ordered now!!

Innovative designs from Jerusalem with embroidery and or print are included on every garment.

Brothers and young male adults garments only: $65.00

Sisters and young female adults garments only: $65.00

Children garments: $40.00

Family/Entity rates are available and negotiable based on family/entity size. Shipping not included.

Garments for those traveling up to Jerusalem can be picked up at Cignon. Lifeline for all orders is March 31, 2008!!!!!

For more info contact: Acote Eetiyah E. Rhavyah HaCohane
International Sales and Marketing Representative

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