Monday, November 24, 2008


Soferet Baht Yehuda
KNN-British Isles, London

‘Blossom in the Desert’ has taken on a momentum of its own as the vehicle for the high-profile promotional drive in the European Theatre of the Kingdom of Yah. The driving force behind the ‘Songs of Deliverance’ mission, Atlannta-based Director of KOYMEDIA Ahk Elkadame Ben Shaleahk arrived in London as a follow-up promotional trip to address a Black History Month event co-ordinated, KOYMEDIA U.K Representative.. The theme ‘A Dance of Hope to Songs of Deliverance’ was set by the Founders and Creative Directors and artistically interpreted by Prakeem, the three-month old Dance and Performance Arts Group inspired by Zehorah’s “masterpiece” creation as stated by a reviewer of the production.

In his brief, the Director stated that his mission was to share a special message from Anointed Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi delivered to the members of the Performing Arts Entity on the urgency of this new genre reaching global audiences; participate in Black History Month events, engage targeted media outlets and make contact with record distribution companies in Britain. He was also on a mission to express gratitude to key partners who supported the August launch. The event was co-ordinated by the U K KOYMEDIA Manager who collaborated with the key entities to make this event happen. The two-day trip of 28th and 29th October 2008 was a hectic one but had great significance and opportunities for the drive in Europe.

In his short but incisive message to the audience, Elkadame stressed that, “ Songs of Deliverance is more than just a new genre but that it is a new sound that the nations of the world needed to hear to heal spiritual ailments of a world gone wrong.”
He went on, “ while the genre echoes the journey of sound through the African Diaspora experiences, its unique essence is its driving force in the culture that produced it….the Hebrew Israelite Community of Dimona, Israel.” In her opening track of the CD “ ‘Rhythm Is’ Zehorah used the spoken word to introduce Sound and rhythm as a compatible couple in the African human experience. Prakeem’s Dancers conveyed this well in a small section of their performance to the Director before his leaving for the radio station.

Even on a very tight schedule, the KOYMEDIA Manager based in London managed to put together a schedule that was varied and productive. We accomplished meetings at Woolworths and W H Smiths both high street chain stores and major record-distribution outlets in the United Kingdom. In addition we attended a Black History Month event on ‘The Impact of Music on the Youth-a look at Hip- Hop’ put on by the Marcus Garvey Next Generation Youth Organisation. The MC of the event, Maskelah B. Gavriel, the sixteen-year-old Cultural Officer of the organisation brought a special sense of satisfaction to the visitor as he noted the young daughter’s leadership potential being nurtured by her mentor Afryea Adodo of the adults’ Marcus Garvey Planning Committee. Elkadame was also able to engage in some useful networking at the event.

One of the highpoints of the tour was a two-hour studio discussant participation on Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR) London’s only licensed African Radio Station with Sis Ekua aka Esther Stanford on ‘Africa Speaks’ on 94.3FM. He discussed ‘Songs of Deliverance’ and his promotional drive as well as some commentary on the Obama subject which was hotly topical. His main focus was the significance of Ben Ammi’s message. “ Today the musician is in the union and music is an industry. When music’s strong compelling influence is comprehended, you will better understand why musicians are paid handsomely to create destructive behaviours and moods. It plays a major yet subtle role in the destruction of people and cultures.” Ben Ammi Ben Israel ‘An Imitation of Life: Redefining what constitutes true life and living in the New World…the author of ‘God the Black Man and Truth’.

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Anonymous said...

Zehorah's 'Blossom in the Desert' Album Production is the creatively inspirational launch-pad to Songs of Deliverance in Europe and globally.

In the British Isles Extension we have had all the Royal Kingdom Song Production releases by Kingdom Artists. These Divine musical productions; Ammi, Ahk Ahnaviyah, Fire Choir, Naconiel, Shadaiyah, Ahdaiyah, Yahirah and the Youth Prophetic Poetry genre have resounded at our festive and public event like weddings.

However, we have not yet had a concerted SOD Festival of Songs featuring the artists in the context of a genre centrally organised.

Zehorah's CD like the prophetic blossiming of the Desert in the SOD tradition can and will open up this unique 'sound' to the world as Prakeen-the British Isles Dance and Performing Arts Institute work towards taking SOD to British audiences through choreographic interpetation of 'Blossom' and other Albums.

The promotional Tour of the Director Ahk Elkadame, in London signals a serious intention to support initiatives in London as well as target the terrain for strategic promotion and engagement of the music industry.

There is no opposing force taht can stop Blossom from pushing SOD in Europe......Yah Khai!

KOY MEDIA Manager, London