Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barak Obama Wins

First Black US President Elected
By Randy Lilleston and Douglas Stanglin

Democrat Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States on Tuesday, making history by becoming the first African American to win the post and completing a stunningly rapid rise to power.

A win in California put Obama over the top, giving him 55 electoral votes — enough to surpass the 270 needed to defeat Republican John McCain and claim the presidency.

By 1 a.m. ET Wednesday, the AP projected Obama had 338 electoral votes. McCain had 141.

Obama, 47, called for a renewal of the American spirit and spoke directly to McCain supporters.

Only four years ago on election night, Obama was a newly minted U.S. senator-elect after serving for eight years in the Illinois legislature. Now he holds the title of president-elect.

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tifaeny said...

Hello to all my brotha's and sista's "World Wide"

This was a very Happy day living in Space I must say.

As a "Cashier" a customer came in on election day,
Nov 4, 08
location Ohio, with an ENORMOUS
MCCain/Palin Button?

I asked her did she know the story about the Dolla Bill?
She was asked do you know what Micro Chip means?

Of course when I gave back her change
My reply
It's 2008 and you mean to tell me you don't know that you have a chance to improve Human Life?
Oh you must breathe different Air than me? By the way you just purchased something out of a
Poison Factory, Know say it ain't so?
She says U don't know nothing?
My reply
It's time for Universal Change
I wish (eye) could see your face
when they elect the next president?
Have a Nice day?

Love Always
Stay Happy and "keep" your Lives
Much Love

Anonymous said...

Momentous! Prophetic and Historic the election victory by President Elect Barack Obama as the world reels in disbelief.

Journalists choked on superlatives and stuttered on adjectives to write and comment on the Obama phenomenon.

African-American ancestors' spirits were activated by the turn of events as the lynched and burnt alive hovered over the ballot boxes of their descendents as they voted.

Once the euphoria has died down and the history books recorded the event for posterity ,'What does it all mean?' Historically, it is obvious. Brutal Euro-America dehumanized the African in the chastisement period beyond any margins imaginable and today an African with an African father and European mother is President of racist America.

Red-neck country must be choking on apple pie as they feel the % of 3/5's of a man. It is now the'Black man's burden to unify America and heal the battered white supremacist psyche after the collapsing racist fallacy.

An elder said, even if President Obama and his family just moved into the White House, renamed it 'Black House', had a family dinner, used to restroom and disappeared into obscurity she would feel happy after the Segregation Laws of the 60's.

On the deeper level and with a spiritual eye, the time is here for the African nation to cause the world to look to the African Leadership for global guidance and direction.

The election win is preparing them for true African Spiritual and not political Leadership of the world; and the battle-lines are being drawn so fine that it would take spiritual discernment to tell the difference.

I love the Jamaicam patois language and could only exclaim in one word......RAHTID!!!!!1 which is the vernacular for WRATH!! the rest of the phrase I will leave to dem back-a-yard. Oonu know what mi mean.

Pen of Firt! London England.

Anonymous said...

Dis one if for my Caribbean Connections...It is a mixture of Trinidadian and Jamaican dialect. The Play'writer' in me comming out.

Trinidadian> "Hey Ma Punsie, how all yuh does celebrate somet'ing like Obama win in America?" " Here in Trini country we does bus ah steelband and calypso, sweat ah fete an den go to de obeah woman to light ah candle. After dat it's shango bacahanal way into de nite when lajabless, dwen and souconya all come out for ah fright"

" We does nyam roti and curry, paleau rice and peas wit pepper sauce, washed down with ginger beer or sorrel. Beat dat big islan' gyal."

Jamaican: Tek time Sis Melda " Dat is alrite fi Oonu small islan people. Me done know sey oonu is too fool--fool!"

" All dem reggae artist dem widder come out an sing and chant wit de people. Rasta widder chant down Babylon to 'blouse an Skirt' ongle ting is Obama now ah head-up Babylan Kingdom."

Hebrew Israelite Caribbean Sister: " Silekah, Babylon is fallen it's sin and bling bling!
Ah de Kingdom of Yah me sey wey run tings!"
Martin walked so Obama could run to rahtid,
dat's where oonu and de Kingdom of Yah is parted! Shalom.

Let me see comments from all the Island Saints, dat is if KNN publish it.....Laughter is happyness and happyness is laughter.

Island Sister...cool as a coconut drink