Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visit the Kingdom of Yah's New Updated Websites

Check out the New Look of the KOY Online
KNN Staff Writer

The Kingdom of Yah has updated it's websites.

Take a look at what's new in the Kingdom of Yah.

To get a look at what's new see:




Anonymous said...

The new updated website has come of age with its interactive imagery and captivating colours, regenerative messages and clear structural illustrations of your Kingdom

You have come of age in the annals of world history, geo-politics, nation-building and education.

Long may your community reign and all thos be blessed who log-on and share in your expansion and rise.

London, England. UK

yahsprincess said...

Dear great spiritual leader Ben Ammi,I have to speak to you directly!
I do not know if you sir ,will read this blog,but to whomever does read this comment,lease can you email me how I can contact Ben Ammi directly/
It is of utter importance that I speak to this great man asap!
I have some words for him,and really would like to speak with him!
I don not want to spaek with any israelite under him, want to speak to BEN AMMI Directly!
This is spiritual, and not about games..
I am located in hellish america, and I am an young israelite that has a need for more spiritual truths comming from BEN AMMI, and there is impoertant matters I want to talk to him about!
Please SIR ,BEN AMMI ..Please How do I speak with you?
You are the closes man on this planet to YAH IMO,and I really would to speak to you!

Anonymous said...

I am searching for a book called "The Third Eye, by sophia Stewart", can any one tell how to obtain a copy. I checked out the on line book store of KOY, but could not find it.