Saturday, September 06, 2008

Teen Suicide Rates In U.S. Rising

Suicide rates among US teens soar
Emax Health

Suicide rates among US teens significantly rose after a 15 year decline, urging healthcare professionals to look into reasons of the increase. There are separate factors that can lead to the rise of teen suicide, but in most cases it is a bunch of several reasons, which needs to be clarified and treated as soon as possible.

Researchers from the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio found that the years 2004 and 2005 had the highest teenage suicide rates, with 326 additional cases in 2004 and 292 additional cases in 2005. The estimates were made according to data of 1669 and 2003 teens and were expecting less cases for 2004. In 2005 teenage suicide cases showed a 5% decline compared to 2004, but the rates were still too high. Overall, the year 2004 reported 18% increased cases, which urges the need to do more for teen mental health and depression treatment.


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yahsprincess said...

Yeah, It really is a sad situation here in america..satan is running strong here...I am hebrew/black israelite..I have just become one, about 4 mnths ago..well I have just converted to the nation of israel..
and I find it hard to be an iraelite here..I want soo badly to move to dimona...I feel there I would love life more..even though YAH, lives within me...I was once on a path to suicide as well..I hope one day I can move to Dimona.