Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coming Soon - 40th Year Commemorative Hardback GBT

Reserve Your 40th Year Hardback Edition of "God The Black Man & Truth" by Ben Ammi
Ahtur Keymah
KNN & Communicators Press

Hailed as the "decoder to the Bible", this seminal work by Ben Ammi, renowned Hebraic Scholar and Spiritual Leader of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, is the first part of the acclaimed Resurrection Trilogy.

In God the Black Man and Truth, Ben Ammi clearly and thoroughly explores the numerous spiritual, social, political, economic and health ills that are plaguing Black people around the globe and links them unquestionably to our failed relationship with God.

Scriptural and prophetic analysis is brought to bear on the crumbling family structure, the sad state of the ecosystem... But far more than just analysis, Ben Ammi offers the Redemptive Plan of God -- tested and true solutions to the state of the world today and its people in simple and direct language.

The new 40th year hardback edition of "God The Black Man & Truth" is now at the printer. Reserve your copy today before these books hit the shelves. Don't miss out. Pre-purchase your book today while supplies last. The cost of the book is $20.

To pre-purchase your book, remit your check or money order today to:

25411 Tryon Rd.
Bedford, Ohio 44146

Please include shipping and handling fees. If you have any question please contact Ahtur Keymah at

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