Saturday, July 19, 2008

NY Pushes for Mandatory AIDS Testing for the Bronx

Is Universal Testing the Answer to Bronx HIV Problem?
by Cara McDonough

The New York City Department of Health wants to make HIV testing a routine part of medical care in the Bronx, but the plan is meeting resistance.

The death rate from AIDS in the Bronx—one of New York City’s five boroughs—is nearly 10 times the national average, which health officials attribute to the fact that about 25 percent of residents “only learn they are affected after the disease has progressed to full-blown AIDS,” Time magazine reports.

The new plan, announced at the end of June, would encourage, but not require, HIV testing for all residents older than 18 during regular medical visits.

To achieve this goal, the health department has agreed to simplify the testing process in the Bronx, eliminating pretesting counseling normally required, which has some in the health industry worried.

See: Bronx Announces Effort To Test Every Adult in Borough for HIV

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tifaeny said...

Shalom brotha's and sista's
Got some Earthly questions?
As a (being) living in Space
under the Devine Sky.

Ok question #1
T or F
The Devil figures if beings get tested for a disease that was (Created) to
Generate Money? Then he's
going to get Platinum Paid!

How come patients don't wonder
if the (vacuum tube) doesn't
contain the Virus, apon giving
their blood?
Condoms do! T or F?

Money is the Root to
all Evil, T or F?

A Psychiatrist ounce (DIAGNOSED)
" The Devil " as being
(ADDICTED)to the (CAUSE)of
the evaporation of beings all
around the World
and Lucifer busted up laughing
when his brotha told him as
they left the doctor!
Dang he sure figured you out
I wonder if he could tell me my
"The Devil replies"
OOh he'll never beable to diagnose
that your the one who turned
(The Creator of this Universe)
Truth into a lie!
He he he, they laugh & say
Humans will be contolled forever
Do to their lack of
Common Sense!

Last one
The (Spirits) on Jupiter, Mars
Saturn & Mercury often laugh
at human words....such as

a) Pharmacy
b) Side affects
c) Diseases
d) Politics
e) and Money which is only a
" Root" which blossoms into a
" Tree "

This is a True Documentary
but not meant to offend

Much luv from a sista
who often travels by Dreams
into yourland of righteous
Common Sense