Sunday, July 27, 2008

Marriage Survey Results

98% of the peopled surveyed were married and happy
Ahtur Keymah

We at KNN would like to thank everyone who participated in our Marriage Survey. Of the up to 100 people that were surveyed 98% of them were married and happy. All of the participants from the Kingdom of Yah who responded stated that they were married.

Over 75% of them have been married for more than 15 years and 25% have been married for less than 15 years. Of those who responded 45 years was the longest marriage that we recorded and 1 year and 6 months was the shortest.

When asked what was the main ingredient for a lasting marriage we received several responses. We have included some of the comments below.


“I think the most important ingredient for a lasting relationship is friendship with spouse, laughter, balance in life (time spent appropriately with work, children, exercise, vacation, study, etc), trust and maturity!”

“The element to a successful marriage starts with having a foundation based on Yah, then love, respect, and love.”


“I would say being open and honest about how you feel and what you are going through is key. Also, understanding that your spouse is NOT responsible for your happiness but you are responsible for continuing to be the person they rose in love with and growing together towards YAH!”

“Being obedient to the will of Yah is the most important ingredient for a lasting relationship.”

“My initial thought was openness (nikivah element): open to receiving guidance and correction, open to hearing the higher mind (wisdom of the holy spirit), open to seeing self thorough your partner's eyes, open to growth, etc. This goes both ways: expressing the nikivah elememt.

But as I think about it, openness stems from TRUST. Trust is foundational. When you trust in the lord with all your heart, there is no reason to have your defenses up and be guarded - closed minded (leaning to your own mind) because you know and trust that you have been brought together for the purpose of enhancing one another's spiritual growth...All things are working together for good and no-thing has come to hurt you. So you are open to hearing, receiving, seeing, guidance, correction, etc…..TRUST is my answer.”

“Trust & Honesty, Working together in Harmony...”

“The most Important ingredient is the understanding that YAH is in the middle and is the Pillar that keeps it standing and that we are apart of a more lasting Divine Marriage with the Creator. We understand that we are a Union with a Higher Purpose and a Union that reflects Yah on Earth. HalleuYah”

“A Yah Centered commitment to building Yah's kingdom in your life and relationships, divine communication, prayer, discernment, hearing and emotional freedom.”

Again, we at KNN would like to thank everyone for their participation, comments, and continual support. One of the main purposes of this survey was to verify that those that allow God/Yah to be the central ingredient in their relationship will have longer lasting, more happy relationships and marriages.

Thanks again.


Dineo said...

nEloheem Khai
shalom shalom
These results are very inspiring, Marriage is such a beatufil union of two people, even though in our own homes there are not good examples of marriages and our grandparents did a good job one thing still remains, the spirit of yah was not there. It is a blessing to have marriages based on Yah, love, trueth and honesty for us to see.
haleluyah haleluyah haleluyah

Matanah said...

Todah Rabah for taking this survey and even moreso sharing the feedback. As a Sister who looks forward to marriage, these words are very encouraging!

Ahkote Matanah