Friday, May 23, 2008

More US Companies Move to 4-Day Work Week

Gas Prices Drive 4-Day Work Week
Fox 8 News

RAVENNA, Ohio -- With the price of gas these days, more companies are giving their employees the option to work four-day work weeks.

One of those is Neighborhood Development Services in Ravenna.Executive Director Dave Vaughan says it will really help employees save some money and cut down on gas consumption.

If more companies did this, the demand for oil would be less and that would result in lower fuel costs.Some custodial workers at Kent State University will also have the same option to go to four day work weeks this summer.

Spokesperson Scott Rainone says "this is probably the trend we'll see as more companies try to become a little more competitive and try to recruit workers.

You might see this spreading everywhere because gas doesn't look like it'll get any cheaper anytime soon."Rainone says if it works out well this summer, the University may expand it to include more employees in the fall.

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