Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Value of Family in the Kingdom of Yah

The Kingdom of Yah Promotes a Strong Family Structure
By Ahtur Keymah

In the Kingdom of Yah we promote the growth and expansion of the family unit. Children grow up in families with both parents present and a strong support system in place.

Children are raised in household where Yah-centered values are taught from an early age and all the parents are involved in the nurturing and up bringing of the children.

This system of child development gives the children a balanced and sound foundation to develop into adulthood from. Also, as adults these children will become and integral of our society promoting the same values and socials systems from which they were developed.

Unfortunately, children who do not have this type of support structure are many times adversely affected. The effects of the absence of this support system have been well documented.

There are currently 14 million single parents in the U.S. today. They are responsible for raising 21.6 million of the U.S.’s children.

The statistics about single parents show that most single parents are mothers. Statistics show that 83.1% of the single custodial parents are mothers as compared with 16.9% being custodial fathers.

Further single parenting statistics show that single mothers are either divorced or separated. There are 45.9% of single mothers that are either currently separated or divorced, 30.5% of single mothers have never been married or 1.7% of single mothers are widows.

Previous studies have found that children being raised in single-parent homes are at greater health and other kinds of risks. The new study shows that these risks include higher risk of childhood sexual abuse. This especially concerns low-income one-parent households.

–°hildren from one-parent homes do need more communication with their moms or dads. However, the parents are often absent from the home, being busy working to provide their children with basic necessities. The children have to find someone who would be a parent-substitute with whom to communicate and to share experiences. Molesters take advantage of this situation and become friends to these emotionally-needy children.

Let us in the Kingdom of Yah continue to promote a strong family structure that offers the world an alternative to single parents and single parent households.


tifaeny said...

Can't wait to get their
to be with my family.

Much luv
a sista awaiting on the Day!

Yishibah said...

Yah First! Yah Khai!
It was a most heavenly sight to behold the photographic family images,theme and title,'" The Value of Family in the Kingdom of Yah!"

Very poignant when one considers that Afrikan Diaspora females lead in single parent households both in the U S and here in the British Isles. It gives hope to the world and still single unmarried mothers like me. HalleluYah! Ahkote Yishibah Baht Gavriel and daughter Maskelah London, England.

Anonymous said...

TODAH ROBAH YAH FOR YOUR KINGDOM. KOY gives me hope and inspiration to carry on. It's been hard these days to find like minded inviduals who truly understand the depth and importance of the family unit. So many don't realize that their homes are at civil war. The exemplary success of KINGDOM families sets a high standard and clearly defines what a hebrew man, woman, and child must entail. Believing is seeing, and seeing KOY families lets me know what is attainable.

Dreaming of Dimona

Anonymous said...

yah first
this is just perfect
This is truly a inspiration to see a prophetic messianic family.
It is a rare comomodity in the days we live in,truth has the inherent power to produce the promised effects, total peace, hormony and love in mind means the same with family, friends and all other physical elements.
Elohym Khai we can testify because we can see it Halleluyah
Inspired daughter of Zion

Viwe said...

Yah first!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

May Yah Yisrael keep blessing our families, and everyone who is a single parent. I know where I come from it is hard, because it is a squatter camp and people encounter many family problems, but the community of KOY, appears to be rising above such odds because of Yah.
May the existence of the KOY redeem many a brother and sister who are in the dark, and inspire them to forge strong family bonds amongst all members...HalleluYah!!! Yah Chai!!!