Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crown Dr. Khazriel Addresses the U.N.

Check a little Kingdom History Out

Shalom Everyone,

Check a little Kingdom History out. The presentation is at the United Nations Geveva, Switzerland. Crown Dr. Khazriel is presenting to the General Assembly representing some of the leading NGO's from the African Diaspora.

1. Click on:
2. Click on Welcome
3. Click on Webcast
4. Scroll down click on Durban Review Conference
5. Click on Achived Video (make sure you click on to the bottom achived videos)
6. Click on April 23
7. Scroll down, click on Non Government Organizations: Joint Statement: Tiye International, Stiching National Monument, Stiching Sophiedel, African Hebrew Development Agency

Enjoy History!!!!!!

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