Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What are your plans for the future?

Medicare benefits are expected to depleted by 2019, and Social Security by 2041
Chicago Sun Times

Resources in the Medicare trust fund that pays hospital benefits are expected to depleted by 2019, and reserves in the Social Security trust fund are expected to be exhausted by 2041, according to an annual report from trustees.

Both dates are the same as last year.

"The financial difficulties facing Social Security and Medicare pose enormous challenges,'' the trustees said in their report. ''The sooner these challenges are addressed, the more varied and less disruptive their solutions can be.''

We’re spending so much money on Social Security and Medicare that the programs - which are larger than any other line item on our national budget up to and including defense spending and war spending - are actually going to run out of money. And the solution? Make Americans pay more for the programs while getting less out of them.

See: Social Security to run out of money

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