Friday, February 29, 2008

Yom L’mokireem

By Yehuda H. Cohane
KNN Staff

Around the world this week, many are celebrating Yom L’mokireem (a day of appreciation). The festive season / day, being officially inaugurated in Jerusalem sunset 27 February 2008, will find family, loved ones, admirers and well-wishers alike exclaiming “Khag Samayahk” or “Yom L’mokireem Samayahk”, loosely translated from Hebrew to mean have a happy joyous day of appreciation.

All too often we as members of the human family take each other for granted. Never really taking time to convey our gratitude or display in the midst of one another a great attitude towards the creator for blessing us with wonderful family and friends.

That is why contained in the Hebrew root (Yud, Koof, Resh =Yakar) from which the word mokireem derives, the Hebrew thought causes us to glean understanding when we take a cursory glimpse at the subsequent definitions that grow out of that root:

From Yud, Koof, Resh = valuable, expensive, dear, costly, beloved, rare, scarce, precious, dignity, to respect, to honor, to appreciate, to elevate the price of.

We must take a moment this season to introspect and inquire of ourselves if any of these aforementioned definitions truly embellish our thoughts of our brothers and sisters in this great-extended human family of ours. For thoughts such as this are the seedbeds of a heavenly new world.

Yom L’mokireem Samayahk

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Todah for the Divine Understanding!
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