Sunday, February 10, 2008

News Release: To Our Extended Family and Friends:

All members of the African Hebrew Israelite Community are safe and accounted for
Ministry of Information
Washington DC

Thank you for the many prayers, calls and letters of support in the wake of the recent suicide bombing attack in the city of Dimona, Israel. Please know that all members of the African Hebrew Israelite Community, the Village of Peace are safe and accounted for.

On Feb. 4, a suicide bomber entered the commercial center in the middle of town and detonated a belt of explosives. Another attacker was killed by security police on the scene before he could do the same. As a result, one person was killed in addition to the assailants and 10 were wounded. Our hearts go out to the families of those harmed. While some were in the area, none of the brothers and sisters from our community, were harmed in this, the first ever incident of its kind in Dimona’s 50 year-history.

Dimona remains home to a diverse population - Jews, Arabs, Moroccans, Indians, Russians, Ethiopians and more -- who have lived without violence over the years. With the Village of Peace at its center, Dimona will remain the beacon of hope and light to so many, around the world who long to see peace and sensitivity prevail in a troubled world.

Thank you


tifaeny said...

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Luv Babylonwacher

tifaeny said...

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