Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ghana Health Ministry To Expand Regenerative Health Programme

The Ministry hopes to introduce it in 50 other districts this year
Source: GBC NEWS

The Ministry of Health, as part of its paradigm shift has introduced the Regenerative Health and Nutrition Programme which it has been successfully launched in 10 districts. The Ministry hopes to introduce it in 50 other districts this year. A statement issued by the Ministry said people from all walks of life including journalists have been sent to Dimona , Israel to understudy their concept and system.

It said beneficiaries of that trip assembled at the Manna Heights Hotel in Mankessim to review the concept and share their experiences and the way forward. After three-days of deliberation, participants came out with a communiqué which advocated the development of a national policy on cultivation of organically grown foods including vegetables and fruit and the production of regenerative health food and crops at reasonable cost.

It called for the introduction of health education and nutrition as examinable subjects in school curriculum and increasing access to potable water.

The Communiqué asked for a scale up in consultation with relevant stakeholders including establishing strategic partnerships with community radio stations, the programme of mass communication of the Regenerative health message at the national and district level including packaging the Regenerative message into local languages and the production of jingles as well as build capacity of change agents.

It noted that there is the need to explore options for setting up a National Commission on Regenerative Health and Nutrition and introduction of alternative and sustainable source of financing the programme.

The Communiqué suggested the empowerment of MPs, Chiefs and other opinion leaders to disseminate the Regenerative Health and Nutrition messages and lifestyles in collaboration with the Ghana AIDS Commission to promote the use of nutrition in the management of HIV and AIDS.

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Yishiyah said...

Shalom! I would very much like to become a part of the Ghana Health Ministry to expand regenerative health programme, please contact me thankyou