Thursday, November 08, 2007

Soul Vegetarian - World's Largest Vegan Restaurant Chain

Soul Vegetarian Restaurants have expanded to 14 locations around the globe

For more than three decades Soul Vegetarian Restaurants™ has been the vanguard for, great tasting and nutritious vegetarian/vegan foods and beverages. They recognize the essential relationship between the human body, spirit and the food that nourishes both.

In 1983, lead by their unwavering commitment to wellness and longevity, they have created an oasis of health... Soul Vegetarian Restaurants™, internationally renownd for the best tasting regenerative quisine for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike.

Over the years, Soul Vegetarian Restaurants has expanded to 14 locations around the globe and received numerous awards for excellence in delicious nutritious cuisine and stellar service.

"When their food products were first envisioned, the parameters were a diet of wholesome food made with fresh and organic natural ingredients, free of meat, dairy and trans fats and prepared using proper utensils and cooking methods.

"Adhering to the requirements, their chefs developed "transitional" food, the first completely vegan food influenced by flavors of many cultures, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern and African American.

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