Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Scientists create artificial sperm cells

Papers hype all-female conception
Yahoo News

Scientists say they have managed for the first time to create artificial sperm cells, a development that the popular press has seized upon as a sign that sterile men -- and even women -- may be able to fertilize eggs in the future.

The researchers turned adult stem cells from bone marrow into immature sperm cells. They're excited about the discovery, but say that it could take three to five years to develop a process whereby the cells develop into the more mature sperm cells found in the testes.

"This finding is of interest but we really need to be very cautious about the interpretation," a leading biologist tells BBC News.

No one seems to have shared that word of caution with the headline writers on Fleet Street. Here's how the story's being covered by the British press:

Daily Mail: "A transplant technique has been devised that could effectively remove men from the process of creating life."

Daily Telegraph: "Women could one day grow their own sperm, says a scientist who today claims to have turned bone marrow into early-stage sperm cells."

The Independent: "Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today."


AhkoteNomaHebrew,P.E said...

Yoh khai 1st shalom shalom my spiritual brothas & sistaz. Truly i feel good about the words said by Naasikim when they say that" It is a great day for the righteous & a terrible day for the wicked". What these scientists did is so evil only the Hebrewz can identify that evilness because the people would say this is "great" or "phenomenon" accord. to them cause they are evil inthe mind.Thoz artificial scientists create artificial spermcells wit their artificial intelligence.They better think again if they thin that they're progressingwhils they're actually regressing.Gota tel u samthin now "ITS GREAT 2B INDA KINGDOM,being safe,PROTECTED&SPIRITUALLY REVIVED-TODAH 2 ABBAH BEN AMMI 4DAT,OUR SWEET SAVIOUR" HalleluYoh Yoh Khai X3.Shalom!

arvin said...

thanks for the proff my god Karim Nayernia.i am praying for t5he suxses for the reserch.he is going to cure lot of infertility crying parents.he is going to give good life to them .i am expecting his result with in 2 years

Anonymous said...

It's not only the Hebrews that can identify this is evil. This is the Mark of the beast, people being born with no fathers. God bless