Saturday, August 25, 2007

KNN Exclusive-Ben Ammi visits Guyana

Excited crowd greets Ben Ammi with the shouts of Halleluyah and Yah Khai
By Ahk Shmuel Ha Moreh

Ben Ammi was greeted with the shouts of HalleluYAH and YAH KHAI as he cleared immigration at the Cheddi Jagan International airport, Timehri, Guyana. The saints and guests that greeted him and his entourage were filled with excitement. We were trilled the he had graciously accepted our invitation and was present to celebrate with us on our 30th anniversary.

From the first day Ben Ammi’s itinerary was packed with daily television interviews with many local stations. He also paid courtesy calls to Hamilton Greene the mayor of Georgetown (the capital city); and to the leader of the opposition party Robert Corbin.

He also visited our community farm where he planted a Sour SapTree and reaped a pumpkin and our first pineapple. He said that nations are lifting up their weapons and boasting of their firepower, but we are lifting up fruits and vegetables. He went on to say that we will sit at our meal tables and speak of the nutritional values and abilities of these fruits and vegetables to heal the nations, which would make them trees of renown. The farmers were invited later in the week to dine with Ben Ammi and share the huge pumpkin that was too much for our household to consume. Abba Ben Ammi said, “the pumpkin is already renowned”.

The community center is also being renovated and Ben Ammi was given a tour. He was introduced to the workforce who included zaqwaineem Gad and Yoel, who are from the Philadelphia extension, who came and spent a month with us to assist us with their building expertise.

Abba Ben Ammi also made public appearances at the local emancipation celebration on August 1st. The celebration was in commemoration of when the slaves in this region were emancipated on August 1st 1834. His message to the packed arena was for them to celebrate the fact that the citizens of the country have not succumbed or given up their country to industrialization that the earth has rejected.

Ben Ammi's final message was at the National Cultural Center. The audience was entertained with our local talent of the drummers, Y.O.M and Sisterhood dancers and the extraordinary poetry of Kamadyah Baht Cohane Mikael who has recently released her first CD ”Listen”. The audience was blessed with Ben Ammi's redemptive message as he gave them the keys of discernment.

Finally, Ben Ammi had two in-house Shabbat day services; the messages were redemptive and prophetic and lefted the saints here on a high. The audience was made up of saints from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, French Guyana and the United States.

We will never forget this special visit to Guyana. We are eternally thankful to The Holy One of Israel for allowing his Anointed Son to visit our humble country. Yah Khai!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please let us stop refering to ourselves and letting others describe our people as "the slaves". Our people were Africans who bacame enslved. The crafty use of the term "the slaves", which we unfortunately picked up on, dehumanizes us even futher and in fact sugests that when the white man showed up all we needed was a plantation to legitimize us.

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