Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Holy Days are Coming

Holy Calendar & Events
The Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem
Shalom Beloved Family,
We are fastly approaching the Divine cycle of Yom Kippur, the Highest Holy Day of the year. It will soon be time for great introspection, retrospection, prayer and supplication for the continued recognition of the Oaht Yah Khai.
As we continue to be Yah Yisrael’s witnesses that he is executing judgment against all evil upon this planet, it is essential that we hear and trust Yah, adhering to his instructions that we receive through his anointed personage, the Shepherd-Lamb, Ben Ammi HaMasheak.
As we prepare for this High and Holy Season, remember to stay aligned with our purpose that truth may produce the promised effects. Here are the dates for the upcoming Holy Convocations for your edification:

Shabbatone Zecrone Thruah - Sundown September 12th through sunset 13th (Sabbath in Remembrance of the Thruah)

Yom Kippur - Sundown September 21 through sunset 22nd

Succot (Opening) - Sundown September 26th through sunset 27th

Succot (Closing) - Sundown October 3rd through sunset 4th

Look forward to more specific information soon on the upcoming Holy Days…
Yours in Faithful Servitude,
The Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem

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