Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Guyana Extension celebrates 30 years outside of America

The two sticks are one
By Ahk Shmuel Ha Moreh

The Guyana extension was started in Guyana in 1977 when Cohane Mikael was sent here by Cohane Levi the leader of the then Hashabah Yisrael Temple in New York. Abba Ben Ammi and Cohane Mikael later met and formed a bond that they swore they would never break especially by the slight differences that existed. Hashabah Yisrael later broke up and Cohane Mikael subsequently did the inevitable, joined up with The Anointed leader Abba Ben Ammi and the long awaited Kingdom of Yah.

During Ben Ammi’s visit he was able to speak to fellow Hebrews from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, French Guyana and the United States. He was able to seal the unity and erase the discrepancies and rumors that some of the camps had. Following Ben Ammi’s visit many of the brothers expressed a willingness to join up with The Kingdom’s Divine Leadership.

Ben Ammi closed by saying, “The sticks of Judah and Israel are one again”. Yah Khai!!!

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